Goddess Ina – High Key Photography

The benefit of going back to school for photography, is that I have access to a huge photo studio.  It’s my playground.  There are so many things I can use to create my images.  Depending on my concept and idea, I can either use one light or multiply lights; I can use small or large soft boxes or umbrellas; I can choose from myriad light modifies.  Basically, I have a lot of freedom to be creative.

One of my favourite photographers, Yousuf Karsh, predominately used Low key lighting techniques.  I love the dramatic feeling of this light.  However, lately I have been shooting a lot of High key portraits (See Bubble Gum Go Boom Post).  Both Karsh and I use multiple lights, all the while utilizing different lighting techniques. These images were created with 5 lights and a beautiful model.  I engulfed her in light to give her a goddess look.  I call these images my ‘Goddess Ina’ serious.






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