SickPix Photography Competition – SUCCESS

This past Thursday was was our annual SickPix Photo Contest.  We had a huge turnout as everyone came out to support the program and see all of our great photographic work. I smiled when I saw that this year we filled the auditorium.


A lot of work went into this year’s SickPix Competition. I was on the SickPix committee and helped create, organize, and run this very successful competition.  With the support and help from many people, we held numerous bake sales and raffled of gift baskets to raise money for this event. This allowed us to purchase some great prizes.

Everyone in the Digital Photography Program submitted 3 of their best work.  And let me tell you, there was a lot of amazing work.  The competition was fierce.  The first year’s categories where: Portrait, Still-Life, and Street Photography, Photoshop.  The second year’s categories were: Portrait, Product, and Fine Art.  To judge the competition, we had 6 industry-leading photographers judge all the images.


During the night, the 1st years showed a wonderful slideshow of their trip to New Year City, and us 2nd years showed a slideshow that contained a collection of our work and candid images from the last two years.  These slideshows brought energy and laughter to the night

To me, everyone was a winner!  We are all talented and passionate photographers.  In our own ways, we are making our mark on the photographic world.  I was pleasantly surprised to have won a couple times.  I took home 2nd prize for portrait and 1st prize for Product.  Then, I was really excited because my 1st place Product shot took Best of Show.  I am very proud of my work and am happy to have verification that other people like what I am doing.

Here are my winning images. I hope you like them.


Portrait Category – 2nd Place Winner

Product Category - 1st Place WinnerBest Of Show

Product Category – 1st Place Winner
Best Of Show


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