Pet Adoption – Saving Lives One Paw At A Time

I have been volunteering at The Grey Bruce Animal Shelter photographing all the loveable dogs and cats there.  This is a great non-profit organization that is entirely volunteer run.  Everyday, volunteers come to the shelter to feed, take care of and walk all the dogs.  Everyone had a blast.

I enjoy my going out with the volunteers as they walk and play with the dogs.  I take this opportunity to capture loving, energetic, playful, and memorable moments.  I end up smiling, laughing and playing with the dogs more often then taking pictures 😉 The other day I was there when a beautiful

Frise found a new loving home with a couple looking for dog to be playmates with their Shih Tzu.  They are now a happy family.

Here are a few images of some puppies and adult dogs looking for homes.  The puppies and Simon (not the playful Rottweiler) are available now for adoption and the gorgeous Rottweiler will be soon.  I hope my photographs open someone’s heart to pet adoption.  If you are interested in pet adoption, please call the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter for more information (519-372-1911).

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