Fabulous Fall

You know, Fall is my favourite season.

I cannot believe I wrote that. That’s because I love summer, the heat of summer, the warm days and warm nights, basking in the sun, wearing sandals and capris, however. Summer is so unpredictable these days – One day it’s cold the next it’s hot and then the next week it’s chilly again. There are hardly any nice tolerable warm days and nights in a row. The summer season seems to be shrinking in length too.

Today, during my morning walk, I came to the conclusion that Fall is my favourite season. Everywhere I walked, beauty surrounded me. The leaves of deciduous trees had turned yellow, orange, and crimson red and were falling off the trees. Thus leaves were sprinkled on the ground, floating down to the floor of the earth, or still on the branches. The warm sun peaked through the clouds and at one point there was a light sprinkle of rain. The rain made all the colours pop and become quite vibrant. And as I walked on, there was a small breeze that swayed the long grass and carried a sweet smell of nature with it. What can I say, Fall truly is my favourite season. Plus it is what it is – a cool yet breathe-takingly beautiful season.

Here is an image I took. This photo sums up my blog post.


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