Lovely Spring Wedding

Birds are singing, rabbits eating clover and the river is running strong.  Spring is in the air.  What better way to start off the Spring then with a beautiful wedding full of laughter, smiles and friends and family.  Kayla and Dan are such a relaxed and fun couple to work with.

Kayla wanted to get ready at her grandparents farm.  She told me that the home was full of character, stories, and great memories and I 100% agree.  This was an amazing place, full of great people.

Once the girls were all ready and Kayla in her GORGEOUS wedding gown, it was time for the 1st Look!  And wow, the groom’s look was so sweet and grand.  Kayla will always remember his smile when he opened his eyes and saw his bride-to-be standing in front of him.  They linked fingers and gave each other a kiss.

After they finally peeled their eyes away from each other, we did some fun photos and then off to the church we went.  They had a very nice ceremony and then rang the big church bell.  Priceless.

The night was spent at the Flesherton Pavilion.  We took lots of fun family photos.  And then I found Kayla swinging on the swing set.  Kayla, I will always remember your laughter as your brother pushed you on that swing.

Congratulations Kayla and Dan.

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I am a small time gal who loves to photograph pets and people. I love rolling around with dog, wading ankle deep in Georgian bay, photographing intimate weddings and the stories that are too, and just being me!