Headshot for a talented hair dresser

People and their stories amaze me.  Every day I get to meet the most interesting people and learn a little bit about who they are and where they have come from.  This is one of my favourite parts of my job.  I find stories that my clients tell me to be very heart-warming, intriguing, and memorable.

Generally their stories are full of upbeat, laughter, and good times.  Sometimes, they are about hardships and turmoil.  What every their story is, I feel honoured that they give me a glimpse of their lives.

And it is through their stories, that I can get to know them and thus photograph their true personality and character.  This is because as they tell me their stories, I find out who they are too.

Wonderful people come to my studio every week.

I was delighted to have Heather, a Hair Stylist visit my studio this month.  Her story was full of great memories, her precious family and amazing husband. In fact, she glowed when she spoke about her family.  She is an extremely talented and driven lady.

Throughout her headshot photoshoot we learned a lot about each other. Yep, I too told her about me and my journey. By the end, I had captured her true personality and character on camera.



Hair: Heather Sobie

Makeup: Jenifer Matthews, Owen Sound’s Downtown Shoppers Drug Mart Cosmetician

Photo: Candra Schank Photography

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