Spending Time With The Family / Owen Sound Family Portraits

Well now, it’s about time. We now have a Fall background.  Well, the beginning of one as the trees are now starting to turn those breathe-taking orange, yellow and my favourite red colours.  This is one reason I love living in the Owen Sound area – colour surrounds us here in the Fall months.  Such a great feeling when you look out any window and see a vista of colours.

Even before the trees started to turn colour, I started my fabulous Fall promo sessions.  The families I have photographed are truly amazing and full of life and energy.  And I love it when the family brings their dogs.  And why not, they are family too.

I had a wonderful time photographing Lee’s family and her brothers family.  Oh and their 3 dogs.  We met up at the Bayshore Community Centre and had a great time making each other laugh, getting the dogs to look at the camera, and creating memories.

I love to walk around an area with the family and photographing them in various areas with amazing light.  In particular, we had fun posing with the sun behind everyone so that it highlighted them.  The light set the mood and created amazing photos.

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