Family Photos at Grey Sauble Conservation / Owen Sound Family Photographer

The huge presence and yet elegance of a willow tree draws you in every time you see one.  The serenity of its swaying branches can relax anyone and the shade protects you from the scorching sun on a hot August day. Fun fact – did you know that willow trees grow near water.  So if you ever need water, look for a willow tree 😉

The peacefulness and beauty of the willow trees at Grey Sauble Conservation Authority attracted me.  It was such a stunning location I just had to bring this wonderful family there.

After we posed under the overhanging branches we went down to the river to take more shots.  The river brought energy to the photoshoot and provided a nice contrast to the elegance of the willow trees.

It was a lot of fun photographing this fabulous family. The little girls were peaches and the teenage boys where polite.  The parents smiled and enjoyed couple poses that took them back to their wedding days.  And the grandparents laughed out loud as they embraced each other in front of the camera.  It was a great day, full of memories.


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I am a small time gal who loves to photograph pets and people. I love rolling around with dog, wading ankle deep in Georgian bay, photographing intimate weddings and the stories that are too, and just being me!