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The place we call home isn’t just a roof over our head, a mortgage, a building between other buildings. It’s a place we look forward going home to. Place memories are created and cherished. A place we invite friends and family over for dinner, movie, or even a BBQ.

Home is a feeling your get when you’re there.

Carla Pavlov of Cr Designs: Interior Designs is a talented Interior Designer who knows what a home is. She knows how to bring together elements of a room to create that ‘feeling’.

She did just that in a suite at the Hampton Court Retirement Home in Southampton. With the colours of the wall, carpet, and luxury bedding she created a welcoming and relaxing suite the client simply LOVES and ADORES.

And you know what? I love it just as much as her client does. And so will you.

Don’t hesitate to call Carla today to bring your home or establishment to life.

http://www.crinteriordesigns.com / 519-797-3821 / cr.designs@sympatico.ca

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