25th Anniversary / Candra Schank Photography

25 years together – A day full of family & friends as two amazing people celebrate and renew their vows.

It was early one evening when I received the first initial call from Rhonda.  She was looking for a photographer to capture a portrait of her and her husband at their 25th Anniversary Celebration.  She told me about their theme, plans, wardrobe, and the guests that were coming. The celebration was a year of planning and excitement.  It was going to be an elegant celebration of marriage, family, and life.  The whole time she spoke I listened with awe.  The way she got excited when she described the details I could tell she was smiling.  She made me smile and become very happy and giddy with joy.

We then met for coffee a few weeks later to discuss their wonderful celebration.  During this time Rhonda and John told me their story.  A story full of love, romance but also hard times, sickness, and many stays in hospitals for Rhonda.  But through everything, Rhonda and John grew stronger together and more and more in love!  Nothing, not even a sickness could tare these two apart.  I watched them tell their store, and I felt and saw the connection and love these two people had for each other.  I held back my tears…tears of joy to see what Love is, and how love concurs all.

The day of therir 25th Anniversary it lightly rained, showering them with more love and good luck.  They exchanged vows – vows that came from deep within each of their hearts. I couldn’t hold back…I cried!  Love was radiating from these two best friends and soul mates.  Afterward we took some beautiful photos in front of the church.  A church that has history with the couple.

Rhonda and John, you two are inspirational.  I am honoured to have captured precious moments 25 years after you wed. And I cannot wait to see you on your 50th Anniversary.  Even more in love!

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I am a small time gal who loves to photograph pets and people. I love rolling around with dog, wading ankle deep in Georgian bay, photographing intimate weddings and the stories that are too, and just being me!