Carey Optical / Commercial Photoshoot by Candra Schank Photography

It’s the people and what they do that counts!

Maybe I am old fashion or maybe I just appreciate great service, kind people, and a positive experience.  And I got all of these while visiting Carey Optical in Port Elgin.

For both my pre-visit and photoshoot, I enjoyed speaking with and getting to know the owners and operators of Carey Optical (a fabulous place to get your next set of glasses or contacts). Lori and Paul and their team are people I would sit at my dinner table and listen to whatever they wanted to say.  They were very engaging and offered wonderful insight into their business.  They have a passion for making people look and feel fabulous in their new eyewear!

They had Carla Pavlov of Interior Design come in and work her magic to give their space a new look.  Before they knew, Carla had brought new life into their amazing space with a large fabulous metal sign that is hung on their accent wall and is viewed as ART when you walk into their business. Carla chose a new paint colour that opens up the space and works with the carpet and other accessories.  Fabulous job Carla.  Bob of Wilson Solutions came in and put up custom cabinets in four rooms.  Lori and Paul now have ample space to store things and file documents away.

Excitingly, last week Carey Optical held celebration events for their 10th Anniversary of being in business.  Lots of fun was had.

Check out their Facebook for great posts and contests.

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