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As I sit here with my laptop on my lap, my dog Sally Pants cuddled up beside me, I gaze out my window to a white world of blowing snow and a temperature well below -10 degrees celsius.  It’s a great day to write a blog post.

Wedding season has slowed down, well until the end of February when I have my first 2017 wedding.  With it snowing outside, and no Weddings in the near future, I find myself having time to learn new and exciting editing techniques and ‘looks’.  Post production (i.e. editing) can be an important aspect in the creation of an image. So I am drinking up this new knowledge.

There are two main aspects to creating an image, ‘in camera’ and ‘out of camera’ modifications.  Both contribute to the final look of an image.

Through lens choice, exposure, depth of field, perspective and angle of view (just to name a few) you start to control what a photo will look like.  In addition, you as a photographer, can add interest through your composition, addition of leading lines and eliminating distractions etc.  All of this is done ‘in camera’ and then the next step is post production (out of camera modifications).

Post production is another way to enhance, modify and control the look of an image.  It is a very subjective and a critical aspect to how you want your image to look.  Just like in camera modifications, through editing, you are drawing attention to various aspects of the photo, and creating a mood and look.

Everyone has his or her own editing style.  It could be as simple as NO editing. Or using software (or chemicals on film) to modify certain aspects of the image (white balance, contrast, colours, and so one).

After all that is said and done, you have a final product.  An Image.  ART!


In particular, I have always loved the look of black and white images.  Something about the classic look appeals to me.  Maybe it’s because colour, patterns, and even clutter can sometimes create distractions – taking away from the emotion and message of a photo.  Or maybe it’s because black and white images allow you to focus on facial expressions and the story being told.

Okay, all that can be justified for colour photos too.  So I guess it simply comes down to the way a photograph is created, whether or not it’s in colour or black and white, and what you like. It’s all a personal preference.

Interesting enough, when I edit, I generally keep my photos in colour, enhancing certain aspects of the image to give the image a natural, yet light and bright look.

So, I thought I would edit a few images from a past wedding I assisted with in black and white.  I had fun modifying the shadows and highlight to give the images definition.

The images below are from a wedding held at a Winery.  This place was full of class, sophistication, and luxury.  The perfect venue for the bride and groom.


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