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I always encourage my wedding clients to look at mine (and other photographers) portfolio and ask questions so that we can determine if we are a good fit.

What does “Good Fit” mean?  Well, it means that you like the way the final images turn out.  You like the perspective, colour, cropping, post production edits, and Artistic approach of the mages.  Maybe you love the photojournalistic approach the photographer takes.  Or maybe you rather have a photographer that incorporates more traditional poses than candids.  You will want to determine if you and your photographer ‘click’.  Feeling comfortable with your photographer and creating a lasting relationship will allow you to feel calm and excited in front of the camera – allowing you to trust your photographer.

There are some amazing wedding photographers in this area and we ALL have our own image style and look, and provide different experiences for our clients. I do hope that you love my work and style, but if you choose another photographer then all is well because I know that you chose the right photographer for YOU.

So, always ask questions.  I don’t have a list of questions you should ask, but one question that I dislike to hear is related to gear choice.  Don’t ask “What gear do you use?” because it’s a question that has no real merit.  The gear a professional photographer chooses is just  his or her tool.  A tool to help create their vision.  I good professional photographer will learn how to use their gear properly to achieve their vision. It doesn’t matter how expensive, new, or prestige their gear is.  It’s the photographers ability to use the gear to get the job done (right).

So, if the photographer you are interested in doesn’t use a Canon or Nikon, don’t dismiss them.  Make your decision on their portfolio and the connection you have made with them.

My friend Sophia Lemon, who is an extremely talented wedding photographer created a blog post.  She comments on various aspects of a particular magazine article that provided inaccurate information to brides regarding ‘what questions to ask’.

Feel free to head over to her Blog and read what she has to say.


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