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I have been spending a lot of time marketing and promoting my photography business this month.  And I have realized, I need a marketing plan.  A plan of action.  So that’s on my ‘To Do list. But…time to procrastinate…and write another Blog Post.  Wait this isn’t procrastinating when I’m working on my website. Right!? LOL.

How are you planning to put you and your business in the limelight? How are you enlightening your potential clients about you and your services. And are you branding yourself?

Ouch, my head hurts just thinking about those questions for myself.

One way to promote your business is through professional photography.  You can focus on photographing your establishment, products, services, or even yourself.  Thus you can bundle these into two categories, ‘business photos’ and ‘business portraits’.

A few months ago I had an amazing woman come into my studio wanting professional business portraits of herself.  Her name is Tammy and she is the owner and operator of Enrich Your Soul Holistic Health Coaching Services.  Tammy helps you get on the right path to reach your wellness and life goals.  She is a kind hearted, caring, qualified and knowledgeable lady who wants to help her clients reach their personal goals.

Tammy wanted to show her vision and what she stands for: Health and Fitness Inside and out. And she knew that professional photos were a fantastic way to do this. And she was right!

Before our photoshoot, we discussed what to wear so that she is conveying the right message.  She wanted to look professional, approachable, and healthy.  So we choice outfits that showcased just that.  Then when she came to my studio, we talked before the photo shoot and I really got to know Tammy and her business.

The photoshoot was so much fun.  Tammy is a natural in front of the camera. She fell into each suggested pose flawlessly without effort.

At the end of the photoshoot we both new she had lots of stunning shots.  And it was going to be hard to narrow it down.  But she did and here are Tammy’s favourites.  Doesn’t she look professional and healthy. Please check out her Facebook page and get to know her and her fabulous business.

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