Newborn Photography – Sophia / Candra Schank Photography

Meet Baby Sophia

This little gem was super sweet.  I first met her when her and her mom came to my studio to discuss the photoshoot.  She was very quiet and every few minutes she would let out a little coo. Stacey wanted a simple photoshoot that was all about precious Sophia so we discussed staging and little homemade hat props.  We both were getting very excited for Sophia’s photoshoot that was in 5 days.

Now it’s winter here, and the flu season had arrived at Sophia’s home a day before her photoshoot.  Thus, we rescheduled for the following week. No worries at all.

It was finally Sophia’s photoshoot – YAY! My home (studio) was turned into a newborn studio with each room containing a different set design.  One room was utilizing natural light and other studio lights.  I turned the heat up and plugged in two portable heaters.  POP!  I blew a fuse.  Note to self, don’t plug in heaters on the same circuit. LOL.

My dog Sally Pants was also excited to see Sophia.  The moment they arrived, Sally Pants wined with glee and wanted to be near Sophia and Stacey.  It was very cute, until she also wanted to be in the photos. Usually Sally Pants goes and lies down, but today she took a liking to Sophia and wanted to be her best friends. Okay Sally Pants, time to go to Grandma and Grandpas – Which is next door 😉

Side Note – you may think it’s unprofessional to have my little dog around, but I always ask my clients if it’s okay that she’s there.  And if they say no (which is entirely okay), I simply put her outside (in the summer) or take her over to her grandma’s place.

Back to Sophia again…

She was fed and burped and changed…and ready for her photoshoot.  Usually at this time they fall asleep, but not Sophia.  She was wide-awake.  Even the heat of the house and her mom’s rocking couldn’t put her to sleep.  She is one curious girl.  So, we had a short session in the natural let set with her wide-awake and bundled up in a cute blanket on a wood floor.  And the images turned out so precious.

Then we moved into the next room and had a fabulous time in the studio.  Here she was either wrapped up in receiving blankets or nude – yep nude.  But don’t worry she was covered up.

Finally, she fell asleep. And this is when I got those ‘Oh So Cute’ sleeping poses.  Adorable.

I am so happy to have met Sophia and Stacey and photographed such an innocent part of Sophia’s Life.

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