Pet Photography on the farm / Candra Schank Pet Photography

What do you get when you mix one black lab with one white bichon and throw in a picturesque farm…A fabulous and unforgettable pet photoshoot.

Meet Mr Bojangles and Jaxson. Two fun loving dogs that know how to have a good time. We had a lovely photoshoot on a farm just outside of Owen Sound. With open fields, a gorgeous barn, blue sky and a wooden fence, we didn’t know where to start having fun. This was easily a picture perfect spot for a pet photoshoot.

We had a snowball fight (yes there was snow) with the dogs, Jaxson was almost blown away by the wind, and then Bo Jangles had a fight with a big stick and he WON! Yippy.

Afterwards Jaxson and Bo Jangles posed with their owners. Lots of memories where

made and shared that day. It was an eventful session


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