Beautiful Boudoir, Vintage Flare / Candra Schank Photography

This lady is one of the strongest ladies I know.  Her story is so inspirational and moving.  And when she told it to me and why she wanted to do a Boudoir session, I was so moved and touched… and in awe.  But that story is for another day.

Her Boudoir session had a Vintage Flare to it…and boy it was a beautiful and Oh, La La Boudoir session.

Here are her words:

“I had a wonderful day of pampering when I did my boudoir fashion shoot. I was super excited to work with Candra as I had done so previously for my re-wed. She is a kindred spirit! Make-up, hair and fashion are all things I find fun and joyful. I had a month of preparing and playing on Pinterest. I found my vintage lingerie on Etsy. Searched out my jewelry, hair options, shoes and accessories.

The experience was positive in many ways for me personally. I have never really felt at home in my own skin having the worse body image ever. Also, living with chronic illness my entire adult life my body has often been the enemy. Physical pain, shortness of breath and limitations has left a real disconnect. Being in and out of hospital leaves me feeling overwhelmed. Medications have led to weight gain.  I wasn’t sure if any of the photos of me I would like. When I saw  the proofs the disconnect was still there. Was that really me? I didn’t look  so unattractive like I mostly feel. Do I dare admit some were actually quite lovely?! I cried at one point. It was like looking at someone else.Some of my favourite photos are when I let go and was my authentic self. Not stuck in my head of negative thoughts of “I can’t do this, I don’t look right…blah,blah,blah” .

Along with other things I ordered a couple canvas prints for my bedroom wall. Not because of narcissism only…ha,ha…but because I need a reminder of who I really am and my resilience. Candra’s images captured my spirit and light which is what really matter to me!”



Photography by Candra Schank

Makeup by Jenifer Matthews, cosmetician at Owen Sound’s downtown Shoppers Drug Mart.

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