Janice and Steve’s amazing Wedding / Candra Schank Photography

I was counting down the sleeps to Janice and Steve’s Wedding day!

Why do I love photographing weddings?  That’s simple! I love capturing a single yet magical day for a family to remember forever. Having the opportunity to get to know a family, learning about their unique story, and then recording the first day of their new chapter together is AMAZING.  Many memories will be created on their wedding day and many more cherished for years to come.

I first spoke to Janice and Steve in the spring of 2016 via a very uplifting phone call where I learned about their journey, their two adorable girls (Emily and Megan), and what they planned for their Fall wedding.

Their story is magical! For the past 22 years they have supported each other, loved each other, moved from one home to another, one school to another, one job to another…all the while growing stronger and building their family together.  First came sweet Emily and then little Megan and before you know it…wedding bells were in the air.  I love this story.  And even better, their two precious girls get to be involved in the wedding planning and wedding day.  YAY!

The four of them…and their families…would celebrate the last 22 years together…and many more to come.

They first planned to be married in the Fall of 2016 but life took a different path and they decided it was better to be married in the Spring of 2017. And what a wedding they had!  Their close friends and family came out to Legacy Ridge for a very fun wedding.  The day was full of smiles, stories, and lots and lots of photo-bombs.  Yes photo-bombs!  The children loved to surprise me and photo bomb the pictures.  Heheheh but I have eyes in the back of my head and saw it happening.  Neverless, I never acknowledged that and had a blast as they photo-bombed the pictures.

Janice and Steves wedding was the perfect way to start my wedding season off with a hit.

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