Beautiful Boudoir / Candra Schank Photography

You! Beautiful You! Confident You! Sexy You!

Boudoir by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Boudoir. Owen Sound Boudoir.
Boudoir by Candra Schank Photography.

Boudoir isn’t a style or genre of photography. It’s an experience that showcases your amazing confidents, courage, self-recognition, and love.

And every woman has her own story; her own reason for doing a Boudoir session with me.

I had the honour of photographing Miss T a few months back.  At first she was a little nervous, but who wouldn’t be when you are revealing your true self, but then without even realizing it, she transformed into the confident woman she is.

Here is Miss T’s words about her experience; let her words empower you too.  She is now a Queen Bee Boudoir Beauty.

Boudoir?  No way I am the body shape and size to be photographed in my undies!  Now way am I confident enough to pull this off!  How dare my devilish side take control and agree to participate in such craziness!

Sexy outfits?  Nope.  I am a mom who, when best dressed for bed, wears a pair of capris and a tank top.  Who has time for sexy things?  To save me the mental agony of designing a wardrobe, Candra gave me a list, a detailed list, of things that she thought would be nice.  So, off I went to shop.  Thank goodness the ladies at La Senza knew just what I should wear! 

The day arrived.  My husband asked me in the morning if I was absolutely sure I could do it.  I replied with “of course I can’t – but I committed!”  and I was out the door.

First stop, Shoppers Drug Mart to see the talented Mallory.  She was amazing!  She included me on some makeup decisions, showed me a few neat tricks and sent me on my way.

Second stop, Kathy’s Hair Boutique to see the fabulous Heather.  She, too, was amazing! 

Third stop, the moment of truth.  The one moment I didn’t think I would make it through!  As I scolded myself to grow up, I knocked on the door of the studio to Candra’s smiling face.  She was there to greet me, instantly making me feel more comfortable. 

Candra asked to see what goodies I purchased to wear.  As I showed her, her creative energy began to flow.  As she helped me imagine what she was hoping to capture, I began to relax.  She empowered me to trust myself, my body, and her camera.  She envisioned grandeur and romanticism – that is what she got!

Low and behold, the photo shoot was a period of time where I completely trusted the person behind the camera.   Candra was honest and open and in doing so she was able to catch some of my best angles.  She made my “mom body” look not so “mom-like”.  She allowed me to express myself in the modest way that I was comfortable with, and never forced me out of that comfort zone.  Candra respected my self-consciousness, while bringing out strengths I didn’t know I had.

I do not have a perfect body, but I certainly felt perfect in it that day.  My hope is that women of all walks of life consider doing something a little risky.  Walk on the edge – it feels amazing!  Believe in yourself, and beYOUtiful! 

Miss T  xo


Professional photoshoot: Candra Schank Photography

Professional Makeup done by Shoppers Drug Mart cosmetician Mallory Collins

Professional Hair Style: Heather Fraser from Kathy’s Hair Boutique

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