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Personal Branding. Professional Portraits by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.
Personal Branding

It’s always interesting how we meet people. How people hear about us.  And then the relationships and connections we make with these new people…and friends.  The power of referrals and networking is astonishing.

And I am extremely happy to have met Lara, and photographed her business portraits.  From there, our business relationship and friendship grew.

When Lara had seen the headshots I did of an acquaintance of hers, she instantly liked the mix of professionalism and personality in the images; she knew that’s what she wanted in her business portraits too.  You see, Lara had recently embarked on a fabulous journey…a new coaching business called ‘Essence Coaching‘ and she was looking for some personal images for her website.  So she checked out my website and before she knew it, she had sent me an email to inquire about my photography services. And I remember the very first email I received from Lara, and then all the emails after that. Her personality and energy poured through her words. She booked her headshot and I was excited to meet Lara and have a fabulous personal branding photoshoot.

After various conversations and getting to know Lara more, I realized she didn’t just want an everyday…old school business headshot, she also wanted something with pazzaz, something that truly showcased her amazing energy, but also allowed her future clients to connect with her and build trust.  So we structured her headshot session…and future business portraits to encompass all of that…and more.



I was so excited to meet her and guess what? I am so happy to say that we instantly connected right away. It even felt like we had known each other for some time. During her photoshoot we turned up the tunes and danced in the studio.  That got the energy flowing.  And she rocked her photoshoot.

AFTERWARDS, we discussed branching out to encompass more photos through a branding photography session.  This would provide Lara with incredible imagery that would showcase herself to the world.  She will be using these on her website and future promotions and marketing.

Personal Branding. Professional Portraits by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Photographer. Owen Sound Photographer.
Personal Branding

Lara’s Coaching Business: During our initial session I learned more about her coaching business and what ‘coaching’ really was and how it worked.  I was instantly curious and wanted to learn more.  And started thinking, maybe Lara could be my business coach. After all, I own my own business and have to be honest, the business side is more daunting and hard compared to the photography side.  I am always learning and wanting a little guidance. So why not learn and be guided by a business coach. Boy, what an amazing experience I had with Lara. Our coaching sessions where always full of inspirations, concrete ideas, and directions.  I was learning and implementing ways to structure and run my business for success.  Now Lara is a coach, so she can guide me, influence me, enlighten me, but it was ‘On Me’ to do the work that was presented…or take in her professional suggestions/ideas and determine the right path for myself.  Thus the accountability was all on me.  Which is how it always is. But Lara was with me every step of the process.  She is FABULOUS!  She is patient, understanding, professional and well educated. She even gave me notes from each session, which have become invaluable as I continue to refer back to them.  I highly recommend Lara Lavalyn as a Life Coach.

Here are some more of her personal branding images from our photoshoots.  Definitely check out her website, Essence Coaching, if you want to learn more.

And if you would like to book a headshot or personal branding session with my, please feel free to contact me today. I am always here to help empower you to succeed.


Professional photoshoot: Candra Schank Photography

Professional Makeup done by Shoppers Drug Mart cosmeticians Jenifer Matthews and Amy Ilse

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