Sam and Mark’s Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding / Candra Schank Photography

Congratulations to Sam, Mark, and their 3 fantastic children!

Rewind 7 months and we are at the Bayshore Bridal Show this past January.  Around the corner comes walking this sweet little blond girl holding her parents hand…she stops and smiles up at me. I will never forget that moment!

Her parents and I started talking about their summer wedding in the country.  As we spoke, they beamed from head-to-toe and the little girl’s smile grew larger and larger too.  She was excited to be the flower girl.

We instantly connected. And I was so excited to photograph their wedding.

Here are a few words from the bride and groom, Sam and Mark.

When we first started to think about planning our wedding…it was a year and 7 months after being engaged and only 7 months till we were getting married 🙂 Talk about cutting it close 🙂

We met Candra at the Bayshore Bridal  show in owen sound and knew right away that she was the one that we wanted to capture one of the most important moments in our life next to the birth of our three hooligans:) not even sure if thats a word but im saying it.  She had a family reunion that day so she told us she was unable due to bad timing. I was pretty bummed out and just started to look into other photographers. It must of been my luck that Candra decided to do our wedding… ( i also have the luck of finding a perfect wedding dress for $99.00 🙂 )

She was so amazing with keeping us on track with everything, not to mention our kids were totally in love with her! She’s like family to us, and we couldnt imagine anyone else sharing this amazing experience with us. Our wedding was absolutely perfect, and we couldnt have done it without Candra. She’s an exceptional photographer and always went above and beyond ❤ Thanks so much Candra!

Yes, when Sam and Mark told me the date of their wedding I was so sad because it fell on the same day as my family reunion. So I sadly said that I was unavailable.  But, you know what? I couldn’t stop thinking about that incredible family and the excitement they had for their wedding day.  So I spoke with my family and told them about this amazing family and their wedding day. My family fell in love with them too… without hesitation, I contacted Sam to see if she had found another photographer, and she hadn’t! Happy Dance

And oh my goodness, their wedding was nothing short of AMAZING! Their friends and family came out to watch the couple exchange vows and become husband and wife.  Samantha and Mark weren’t just getting married, but Mark was also legally adopting Samantha’s three fabulous children.  That melted my heart and everyone was there to witness the signing of the papers.  On August 05, 2017, this family was united together.  What a fabulous day!

It was my honour to have spent the day with them and capturing all their memories for them. Here are some of my favourite moments and images.


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