Queen Bee Boudoir Event Oct 14 / Candra Schank Photography

Queen Bee Boudoir Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Grey Bruce Boudoir. Owen Sound Boudoir.
Boudoir Photography by Candra Schank Photography

Ladies! Get ready to be a Queen Bee! 

Time to be empowered, be confident and show yourself who you really are. FABULOUS!

So what’s a boudoir shoot all about? It’s about you! It can be anything you want it to be.  Boudoir photos are something that I feel every woman should do at least once in their lives…and even twice. It is such an amazing empowering self-esteem boost. It makes you see yourself and your body in a way you don’t normally see it, it’s such a healthy and positive experience. I encourage all women to not only do this as a gift for their partners, but just do it for yourself! You deserve it!

Every woman who leaves my studio thanks me for making them feel comfortable and for turning what they thought would be an uncomfortable experience into something fun. We try to make all of our boudoir shoots fun and relaxed.

Different Types of Boudoir Shoots

Not all boudoir shoots have to be filled with lingerie and sexy poses. Sometimes some of the most beautiful photos are the natural, carefree ones…and these tend to be my favourite. That comfy sweater falling off your bare shoulder or you wearing your guy’s favorite jersey can actually make for some very sexy and intimate photos. Plus, you tend to feel more comfortable in these.

I create your shoot to match your personality. So if you want your shoot to be super sexy, I make that happen with wardrobe suggestions, props, and poses. Or if you want your shoot to have a more fun and playful feel, then that is easily accomplished by wardrobe and poses too.

The Why?

Every woman that walks into my Boudoir studio has her own reason for doing this. As each woman has her own story to tell, path to be taken, and motivation. Boudoir photos make great gifts but they are an amazing and empowering experience to do for yourself.

Here are some ‘reasons’ ladies have done Boudoir sessions with me:

1)   For YOURSELF. It’s a fun, empowering and liberating experience that will stay with you forever.  It’s a chance to feel truly glamorous. This is your chance to be as girly and as over the top as you want to be. The moment you start your Boudoir Journey with me you will feel amazing, will be pampered, will be done-up to the nines with professional hair and make up…and then you will have a fabulous photoshoot that will have you feeling like a million bucks.  And you are worth it.

2)   Bridal Gifts! You are about to marry your best friend…so why not get some fabulous ‘Bridal Boudoir’ photos .These are great Wedding Night gifts 😉

3)   Bachelorette Party: These group boudoir sessions are a great event and are A LOT of fun to do at a bachelorette party

4)   Milestone. Ladies who have reached a milestone in their lives will have a boudoir session to celebrate.

5)   New Outfits! Yes this is a great time and excuse to buy lots of sexy outfits! Use this shoot as an excuse to treat yourself to something special. And don’t be afraid to buy something out of your comfort zone. You will be happy you did

Everyone woman deserves to have one photo of themselves that they look at and think “WOW! Is that really me?!”

So, now that you are feeling empowered and excited, sign up for my Queen Bee Boudoir session on Oct 14, 2017 and be the woman you are! Click HERE to book your session!

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Thanks, your friend,

Boudoir by Candra Schank Photography. Owen Sound Boudoir photography. Grey Bruce Boudoir photography.
Boudoir by Candra Schank Photography


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