Pet Photography / Leonard the Great Dane

Leonards Pet Photoshoot

A few months ago I ran a Facebook post to offer a lucky dog a Free Pet Photoshoot.  Wow, I got lots of amazing emails about wonderful dogs and a cat. When I read Christa’s contest email and saw the photos that she submitted I got Goosebumps.  Literally! I looked down at my scrawny arms and I had happy bumps. I wanted to meet Leonard, the gentle giant (that’s what Christa called him).

I have had the pleasure of photographing a few Great Danes over the years (Jewel is one of my favourites) and I got extremely excited when I drew Leonard’s name from the hat.  You see, between his coloration, his personality and attitude and the fun photos, I wanted to photograph him.  It was so excited to meet him and his human parents, whom had written his email contest submission.  You see, I not only LOVE to photograph pets, I love to get to know them and their owners and learn their stories.

I loved hearing how Christa and Ian came to be Leonard’s parents.  At first, Leonard belonged to a friend of Christa and Ian.  And it turned out that Leonard had ‘Fallen For’ Ian when Ian was staying with their friends as he was away at school. And Ian fell for Leonard, the gentle giant.  And the stars aligned and soon Leonard came home with Ian one day and the three of them were one BIG HAPPY FAMILY.

During Leonard’s Pet photoshoot he was so well behaved that at one point I turned to Christa and said ‘Oh my, he is making this way to easy’ and then we both giggled with glee.  And even better, Chester was sporting a bow-tie for his photoshoot; he looked so dashing.  I secretly called him James Bond…because he has this amazing presence and handsome flare. I bet female dogs blush and get giddy when Leonard goes out for his walks. 

It was a pleasure to photograph Leonard in the studio. I hope some day I can do another pet photoshoot with him outside. 


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I am a small time gal who loves to photograph pets and people. I love rolling around with dog, wading ankle deep in Georgian bay, photographing intimate weddings and the stories that are too, and just being me!