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Your kids are so darn cute.  They do and say so many adorable things.  And you love watching them play and goof around with the family dog.  And you think to yourself, ah, that would be such a cute photo.  I say this every day I see Carter and Madelyn playing with our dog Sally Pants.  It was a moment on the couch where Sally Pants curled up on Madelyn’s lap and put her paw up to say “pet me”, where I came up with my next studio photo series: Kids & Pets.

March Break is coming up and Easter. And, I know that lots of you are looking for creative things to do with your children.

So the biggest question is, are you looking to do something fun with your kids on the Friday of March Break (March 16th)  from 10 am till 4pm AND the Saturday of Easter weekend (March 31st), from 12:30 pm till 4pm.  Well I have a fun activity for your kids that will end the March Break with laughter and giggles.

On these days, I am holding Kids and Pet mini photo sessions

Photo sessions will be at my studio in Owen Sound (Studio 306, 1190, 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound).  This is the perfect time to have all your kids and fur-babies photographed together.  And if you don’t have any fur-babies, or don’t feel comfortable bringing them, please feel free to just bring your children as this will be a fabulous time to get candid photos of them. And we don’t have to worry about getting cold, as the studio is quite warm 🙂

You may be wondering if you can bring all your kids. Yep! Whether you have one, two, or four kids, bring them all.  Now what about number of pets?  Bring any cat, dog, bunny, rat, guinea pig, etc with you.  I do ask that you keep your horse at home though. I don’t think my studio would big enough for it. And it could be difficult getting it up 3 levels of the stairs 😉

These are mini sessions, in which your photoshoot will be 15 minutes of fun and you will receive three 4×6 web sized digital files.  The cost is $50 for the photo session and three 4×6 web sized digital files. And you always have the option of buying more 🙂

If you would like to book a ‘Kids & Pets” mini session, Contact me today

Hope to see you out having fun

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I am a small time gal who loves to photograph pets and people. I love rolling around with dog, wading ankle deep in Georgian bay, photographing intimate weddings and the stories that are too, and just being me!