A young dancer inspires me

Inspiration motivates. Inspiration inspires. Inspiration evokes!

Inspiration is all around us. We just have to see it, feel it, react to it.  Inspiration to me can be a smile from a loved one, a single daisy among a field of dandelions, the way trees sway in the wind and so on.  The most random thing can inspire.

Sometimes when I am laking inspiration, I look onto others.  You see, people who are creative, motivated, and passionate about something, all inspire me.

Inspiration came to me when I had the chance to photograph a dancer.

This young lady inspired me to create art that speaks.  To capture even a moment that takes your breathe away and makes gasp “oh my”, is with out a doubt one of my simplest desires.

So when I had the opportunity to photograph this young lady, I just new that the both of us were going to have a great time creating and expressing our passion.  You see, this young lady uses dance the same way I use photography.  When I was photographing her, she told me that dance and music inspires her. She finds herself dancing and singing karaoke for fun as they allow her to express her feelings pure and genuinely as she feels them.  I use photography to express my emotions AND my couples, pets, and bride and groom’s personality and characters.

Dance inspires  this dancer so much, that she wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up…or work in an animal rescue centre.  She has the kindest heart.

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I am a small time gal who loves to photograph pets and people. I love rolling around with dog, wading ankle deep in Georgian bay, photographing intimate weddings and the stories that are too, and just being me!