Kelsey & Trevor’s Wedding at Bear Estate / Collingwood Wedding Photographer

Kelsey and Trevor’s Wedding

Beautiful Bear Estate, Collingwood

Congratulations, you’re engaged. Happy Dance!  Now time to plan your wedding.  Venue…check!  Bridal Party…check!   DJ…check!….

And then, you start thinking about going to a tropical destination for your wedding. Oh that sounds so amazing.  But you have your wedding plans underway!?

No worries! Lets do both!

That’s exactly what Kelsey and Trevor did! They flew south to the Dominican with some of their family, friends and wedding party and tied the knot!  Their tropical wedding was magical with blue sky, sandy beaches, heart-felt speeches, and toasting between everyone.  I even heard that some of the speeches got a little emotional 🙂 Their entire getaway was full of so many amazing adventures.  And when they flew back to their home, they smiled at each other and sighed a happy sigh.  They were husband and wife. And best friends.

Now time to celebrate with the rest of their friends and family. Whoop whoop, let the wedding celebrations begin.

And, why not do it with a bang!  They wanted to still have a Wedding, without the ceremony.  Fabulous idea!  Kelsey had 4 bridesmaids and Trevor had 5 groomsmen.  Yep, one lucky maid-of-honour got to have a groomsmen…one on either side of her. We had lots of fun during Bridal and Family portraits.  The wedding party had me laughing out loud at one point.    Kelsey had on the most beautiful wedding dress (which she took to the Dominican too) and Trevor a formal grey attire.  And at one point, Trevor put on his Fire uniform.  Kelsey had fun posing with a fireman…her husband!  Everyone had fun taking photos under willow trees and along the peer, looking out onto the beautiful water.  And, yes it was super-duper hot out, but the cool breeze off the water was very refreshing.  Ahhhh, don’t you just love Georgian Bay!

After the portrait session, it was time for cocktail hour at Bear Estate with their friends and family.  The night transitioned beautifully from mingling during cocktail hour to speeches, taco and salad buffet, and 1stdances.  And yes, I did say a Taco buffet…OMG, Kelsey, this was a fabulous idea.  Everyone loved making their own taco and exchanging stories of the couple.  I know that next time I plan a gathering, tacos will be served.  It truly was an amazing day.

And I don’t think Kelsey and Trevor stopped smiling.  After-all, they are husband and wife now.

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