Beautiful Outdoor Wedding / Candra Schank Photography

Meghan and Tyler’s Wedding
Beautiful Wedding At Their Family Cottage
Singhampton, Grey Bruce Wedding Photography


Two individuals briefly meet in passing at a high school event (i.e. party).  They go their separate ways as they pursue their own goals and aspirations.  One is an avid animal lover, vegetarian and horse enthusiast (and rider). The other, pondering life as an engineer.  Their paths seemed to diverge.

5 years later they end up at the same bar.  One hanging with her friends, and the other celebrating his brothers 19thbirthday.  They quickly locked eyes and become interested in the other.  A night of dancing and conversations leads into a first date, meeting mom and dad, and many fun dates afterwards.

With every passing day from that 1stdate, each enlightening the other on their own interests and similarities.

7 amazing years as boyfriend and girlfriend flew by with lots of laughs, tears, and many firsts together.  They welcomed their beloved dog Murphy into their lives and became even closer.  They enjoy going for dog walks after the dinner, sipping wine and talking about their day’s festivities and their future aspirations.

And then…Tyler got down on one knee and proposed.  Meghan was delighted and excited.  Their next chapter of their lives was about to begin.

They wanted a small and simple wedding, with an emphasis on family and friends, with a fabulous celebration party afterwards.  They stuck to their goals and made every part of their wedding amazing.

“We loved that we were creating a wedding that truly represented who we are…we love being outdoors & at our cottage, so that’s where it was! We wanted the best music so that no one could resist the dance floor and we succeeded! We wanted to share our passion for our vegetarian lifestyle with amazing vegetarian food, and people raved about the dinner! We wanted to create an atmosphere of love, fun and laughter, nothing too serious, and we felt we did that.”

Without a doubt, On August 10th, 2018, they had a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony on the family doc that looked-out onto a glistening lake.  The ceremony was followed by a wonderful cocktail hour with great food, champagne and speeches.

The next day, was allocated to their family and friend celebration (a.k.a party). Lots and lots of friends and family came over to celebrate their nuptials.   Before the celebration truly began, we snuck away for their wedding portrait session.  It was evident from the very first photo on the doc that Meghan and Tyler have a strong connection.  Every time they posed…they fell into each other’s embrace and locked eyes.  It was like I wasn’t even there.   They would whisper things to each other and smile or laugh out loud.  All the while, creating authentic moments that I captured on camera for them.

I asked Meghan and Tyler what their favourite moment was during their wedding.  And it was so nice to hear their response as there wasn’t a moment but a collection.

“We tried to take little pauses throughout the day to look around, absorb everything to ensure it was captured in our memories forever. We loved feeling so much love and we felt grateful and humble for the amazing family and friends we have. “

Please enjoy living their wedding weekend through the image gallery below.  They have a wonderful story that I am so grateful to have captures.  Meghan and Tyler, you are soul mates with love that radiates.

“Candra was the perfect photographer for us! She completely understood our vision, was very responsive, and provided excellent direction during the actual photos. She was efficient and ensured all the photos we wanted were captured. She blended in during the dances & speeches but still was able to capture the moments. On top of all of that, the pictures turned out stunning, we are so happy with them! We loved working with Candra and highly recommend her!

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I am a small time gal who loves to photograph pets and people. I love rolling around with dog, wading ankle deep in Georgian bay, photographing intimate weddings and the stories that are too, and just being me!