About Me



Hi! I am waving to you from my pink couch as I am cuddling with my dog Sally Pants, with a black coffee next to me.  Ahhh, relaxing!

Yes I am a photographer, but I am also a woman, daughter, sister, friend…and a small business owner and entrepreneur – Yay!  My camera and lens choice as a photographer is simply a tool.  They do not define me.  It’s those beautiful moments and expressions I long for. When we meet most likely I will be sporting causal-chic look…aka. jeans and a fabulous blazer.  And when I am at home working (editing), most likely I will be rocking fleece PJ bottoms and a hoodie.  Ahhhh, comfy and relaxing.

Heheh, I don’t classify myself as a wedding photographer or as a pet photographer or a headshot photographer. LOL, I would call myself, Candra, a woman that loves to photograph relationships that are around us.  Thus I LOVE photographing our amazing pets (I love pets!) and the bond we have with them, the beauty that radiates from you and your fiance on your wedding day, your essence that is conveyed through a single portrait of yourself. My images invoke more of a lifestyle portrait style. Meaning, images are more natural and You!

Photography has no borders, so even though I live in Owen Sound, I photograph people and pets all over Grey, Bruce, Huron and Simcoe Counties. I love discovering new and amazing places and am blessed to be a photographer as there are so many breathe-taking beautiful things to photograph.

I am, and will always be an outdoor’s woman.  I love to go hiking with my dog (Sally Pants), camping with my family, and movie and pizza nights (Ahhh, relaxing).  And what better place then in and around Owen Sound to do this.  The myriad lakes, rivers, hiking trails, parks and both Niagara Escarpment and Bruce Peninsula all bring the possibilities of new and exciting adventures!  On any given Sunday, I will grab my camera and set out on a new photo expedition.  You never know where the day will take you!

Below is a little bit of information on my favourite photography genres, portrait photography, wedding photography, and pet photography.

Candra Schank Pet Photography:

I love animals. And why not, they are so cute, compassionate, and our family. Pets are such a huge part of our lives. They experience the good & bad times, laughter & tears, and births & deaths –  They truly are family.  I enjoy capturing their memories, personality and character, as well as the bond between you and your pet. When you see your pet’s portrait, you will smile and say ‘Yep, that is Sir Lancelot right there. He always poses like a knight’ – okay, you may not say exactly that, but you will smile. You can either have your pet’s portrait taken in my studio, or at your home, or on-location at a really cool place. My portrait sessions revolve around your pet, as I make them feel like a king or queen. Then, if you want, we can also do a mini photoshoot with you and your pet, highlighting your bond.

I utilize both studio and natural light in my work. It all depends on where I am and what I’m trying to achieve. I love on-location shoots with dogs of all breeds running the trails or sitting on the bed posing for the camera. I enjoy taking pets and families to interesting outside urban or rural areas.

My goals are to provide amazing images that demand attention, speak for client’s needs, wants, and promote my personal style. Above all, my goal is to reveal the mood of the subject matter being photographed.

Here is a picture of my Sally Pants after playing in the snow. You may recognize her from my website or myriad Facebook posts.  She is my baby girl.  My everything! My Best Friend…lol along with my sister Tina.

Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Owen Sound Pet photographer. Grey Bruce Pet Photographer.

Candra Schank Wedding Photography and Portraiture:

Weddings are truly a passion for me.  The joy of capturing and revealing peoples feelings, emotions and characters in a single image for all to see for years to come; this warms my heart and makes me smile. My wedding photography tells a story. YOUR STORY!

The innocence of a newborn, the playfulness of a child, the purity of a pregnancy, and the love between a couple or family inspires me to capture the true moment in time.  I especially love photographing people throughout their lives. I have photographed a young woman’s wedding, then a year later her first pregnancy and then their family portraits.



Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography
Pet Photography by Candra Schank Photography