CSP Studio: Weddings

CSP studio is a Wedding Photography business here to bring you fun and fabulous wedding photos.  Booking with CSP Studios, means that you want to capture your wedding day as natural and authentic as it is.  CSP Studio’s photography style mimics the classical ‘Lifestyle’ look, where photos are more candid in approach. When needed, The photographer guides poses but doesn’t interfere in the moment. 

Here is CSP Studio’s Wedding Package:


Booking with CSP Studio gives you the benefit of communicating with Candra Schank for everything. And if you add on an engagement shoot or boudoir session, Candra will be your photographer. However, the day of your wedding, you will have a different professional photographer who works for Candra.  This photographer will be highly trained to capture your wedding day.  You will be notified of this photographer approxiamently 30 days before your wedding day.  

CSP Studio Weddings – Associated Photographer

If you love my work BUT I am sadly booked, I have another opportunity for you.  Why not book with CSP Studio (aka Candra Schank Photography Studio). You still get the same experience, service and ‘look’ of images, but at a lower cost.  The only difference is that I will have a partnered photographer photograph your wedding.  You will be notified of this photographer approxiamently 30 days before your wedding day.

If you have any reservations, don’t worry:
I will be with you from beginning to end.
I will be photographing your engagement or wedding boudoir session
I will be editing the images in my ‘style’
I will be designing and creating your fine art canvased and wedding albums

CSP Studio’s wedding service with a partnered photographer’s starts at $1550 for a 5 hours.

For more information on CSP Studio Wedding Services, send me your email.



If this interests you, please send your EMAIL to Candra and she will get back to you between 9am and 5pm.