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Hey There, welcome & thank you to all the horse riders I have photographed at the photo events.  It was an honour to capture these memories for you.

To all people about to view these photos. PLEASE READ BEFORE VIEWING PROOFS

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Below are the links to Hollow Hills & ParkerRidge Shoreline Schooling Photo Galleries. 

You will see all the photos from this event. 

Photo order follows the same division order. 

Thus, the first photos are from division 1, followed by consecutive divisions, 1, 2, 3 and so on.


Shoreline Schooling Series Photos at Hollow Hills Equestrian Centre

Gallery contains ALL the photos

Click here to see all photos from Hollow Hills

Click here to see ALL ph

Shoreline Schooling Series Photos at ParkerRidge: Divided by division

Gallery Division #1 Riders:  232, 221, 207

Gallery Division #2 Riders: 234, 236, 214, 195, 194, 222, 233

Gallery Division #3 Riders: 222, 234, 203, 195, 194, 219, 209, 220

Gallery Division # 4 Riders: 227, 230, 205, 226, 212

Gallery Division #5 Riders: 228, 197, 210,218, 229, 225

Gallery Novelty Keyhole

Gallery Division #6 Riders: 213, 216, 208, 204, 217, 223, 199, 231, 215, 214, 198, 224, 206, 235

Gallery Division #7 Riders: 216, 217, 202, 223, 196, 231, 215, 236, 212?, 219?

Gallery Division #8 Riders: 220, 203

You can view all proofs thru the links ABOVE. You will be able to purchase digitals and prints for your home. 

Proofs are colour corrected, properly cropped, straightened, and ready to be purchased.


1 DIGITAL: $25

5 DIGITALS: $100

Any digital file after the 5th one order is $10.

(For the All Inclusive Package per Rider, you must contact me personally to receive this offer: email candraschank@gmail.com)


Traditional Prints start at $10

Quality Professional Wall Art (canvas/framed art) starts at $200

*please note, there will be a shipping cost for all product orders.

Horse Show Event Links


SEPT Event: See above link

DanceMakers Photo Days Links

Kelso Beach Photo Day: Monday

Kelso Beach Photo Day: Tuesday

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