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Pet Photography! Heck Ya!

Dog photography, pet photography, tomato, tomatoe…one thing is for sure, photographing dogs, horses, cats and so on, is my true love and passion.  And I get goosebumps when I have a family session and they bring their dog.

I showcase your pet’s true character and energy. Your pet session will be full of candid moments, ball throwing, running through wide open fields, frolicking through water, sneaking in a cuddle with YOU and even some posing ‘pretty’ for the camera.  All the while, I am documenting your pets natural expressions and attitude in a stress free unscripted environment.

Eeeek, if your pet responds to treats, I always have a pocket full.

Sppst, if you think your pet is camera shy, or won’t perform for the camera, or is too shaggy for a photoshoot.  Think again.  I am not after those perfect Dog Show poses, I am here to photograph and capture your pet the way they truly are, playful or shy, groomed or shaggy, running wild or snuggled on the couch.

If you would like to book a fabulous pet session, or want more information, please fill out my contact form and I will get back to you as fast as I can.

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