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Do You Want To Learn More About The Yearbook Club?

I’m sure you are wondering, what is this club? How do I join? What is it all about? Well let me tell you, it is pretty darn special and I am glad that you are curious about the club!

Pregnant lady and her husband in the studio. Owen Sound Family and Maternity Photographer

Why Is There A Club?

Life is seriously busy. I’ve come to understand that just because life doesn’t always live up to the ideals and values that we set for ourselves doesn’t mean that we value those things any less. Some days it’s just hard to keep up. And documenting your family regularly just seems so daunting and stressful! So you let planning your family photo session slide…but then you regret it because your family is growing up so fast.  And when I say family, I mean both 2 and 4 legged family members.

So obviously I’m biased, but I really and truly do think that’s a shame. Over the course of my 10-year photography career, I’ve had the privilege to work with a handful of families who’ve found a way to actually live that dream of having a shelf full of annual family albums and heart-warming photo walls…and I’ve seen firsthand the joy and pride it brings them 🙂

I created the club to make it easier for you to keep up with your family photos. Our families change over time and it is so important to document it all.   AND dare I say this out loud…but our dogs are only with us for a short time.  So why not invest in the yearbook club and capture your family’s amazing perks, personalities, and watch them grow.

Plus my pricing has changed and I now focus on printed products.  So this is a great way to keep my original pricing and get all the digital files at my 2023 pricing ;). But don’t worry, if you sill want to buy wall art and albums you can…you also get a $500 product credit 😉

When We Have Each Other, We Have EVERYTHING



YEARLY MEMBERSHIP…You only pay $150.00 each month (for 12 months) and you will receive…

– A full-length pet OR pet and family photography session which is about 60-ish minute at either my Owen Sound Studio or a beautiful spot outside.  I help you choose the location.

– ALL the digital files from your session (valued at $3000+).  These are printable up to 20×24.

– A $500 print credit to be used in the online gallery store on any product I offer (prints, frames, albums, etc.)

– You can also upgrade to the Lux Yearbook package to receive more bonuses 😉

three children siblings in the studio. Owen Sound Family Photographer
Photo of a dog on a white background


no separate session fee (the $300 session fee is waved)

priority self-scheduling – you see my calendar before the public does.

automatic monthly billing

an annually-updated guide on how to best prepare for your session

$50 coupon to get your pet groomed at Doghouse (this is optional as not everyone wants a freshly groomed dog…personally I love the shaggy look.  But sometimes getting a bang trim is ideal)

unlimited access to an online gallery containing all of your photos as we create them over the years (which makes for a beautiful, shareable, and fully backed-up digital family album)

access to purchase one-off mini sessions (Fall minis, holiday card sessions, gotcha day sessions,  Mothers-Day Minis etc) Fall Sessions are now only offered to yearbook and puppy club members.  You only pay $300, while the puplic invests on average $700




When We Have Each Other, We Have EVERYTHING


You’ve Got Questions?  I’ve Got Answers 😉

How does this all work?

I know that you are a busy parent and planning yearly photo sessions is a lot of work.  So I take the stress off of your hands and handle almost all the planning.  All you have to do is, pick the dates, plan your wardrobe (sorry I wish I could do this for you 😉 and show up for your sessions.

I send you various emails to help with:

– planning your session and wardrobe

– reminder emails IF you need to get your dog in to see the groomer.

– booking your session in my calendar….you get priority access to my booking calendar.  Basically you see my calendar before anyone does so that you can book in first.  

– you also get access to my mini sessions (Fall Mini Sessions, Mothers day/Dog-Mom mini sessions, pop-up mini sessions etc).   Mini sessions are only offered to Year Book Families.  But I will still have occasional promos that I offer to the public (such as my Pet Of The Year contest, the calendar contest, book projects)

When should we arrive? And where do we meet you?

I ask that families arrive at least 5 minutes earlier and wait at the Picnic Shelter.  Most likely, I will be with another family but will come meet you at the time your session starts.

What happens if we are late?

Please don’t be late for your session ;). But if life happens I understand…simply give me a text heads up 😉

What are digital files (also called digital images)?  And what’s the difference between web-sized digital files and high resolution digital files?

A digital file/image is an electronic version of a physical print.  It allows you to store and see your photo on your computer, phone, iPad, etc.  It is NOT a physical print thought.  You can get different sizes of digital files; web-sized (low resolution) or printing (high resolution) digital files.

Web-sized digital files – these are perfect if you’re only wanting to share your photos on social media or keep them on your computer/phone. These CANNOT be printed as they are too small.  They look great on your computer/phone BUT if you try printing them they will not look good.  Most often, they will look ‘dotty’ or blurry.

High Resolution (printing) digital files – these are really big files.  They are perfect if you want to do your own printing; at anytime and anyplace.  You get full control of when and where you want to print your photos.  You do not have to print thru Candra Schank Photography.  Please do not take them to Walmart though.  More times than not, your photos will not look the same as what you see on your computer.  This is directly related to their printing system.  I recommend Foto Art in Owen Sound.  They have great customer service and great print products.

I am concerned about our wardrobe, what should we wear?


I want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own skin.  Thus I tell families to dress in cloths that feel good.  Hehe but try and stay in the same colour tones…you don’t have to be matchy-mathchy.  I also recommend avoiding bold & bright patterns & colours.  These tend to be very distracting.

To help you prepare and plan your wardrobe, I send you an email with some hints and tips.

My kids and dog won’t sit still.

Hehe,  kids run around for 90% of the session.  And that’s fine with me. I love to take candid photos of them  playing.

I also have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to get kids and dogs to sit still…and then I get my shot.

For outside sessions, your dog will be on leash.  This keeps them safe and attention on me.  And don’t worry, I edit the leash out of your photos.


How long does it take you to edit the images?

I know you’re excited to see your photos. Thus I work hard to get you your photos quickly.  After your session, about 3 weeks later, you will receive an email with a link to your online gallery.


Do I get a USB with all my photos?

I used to give USBs to my families. BUT, I found that sometimes the USB was corrupted or lost.  Thus, now All photos are delivered to you in an online gallery.  You then download them to your computer and/or phone. I recommend downloading them to multiple devices for safe keeping. You are also free to send your photo gallery to family and friends.  Hehehe, I bet they will be excited to see them too.  Galleries are only active for 30 days and then they are deleted off my network. If you would like a USB, they can be purchased for $50…and they come engraved 🙂


Do I have to buy prints & albums through you?

Nope! I completely understand that families want the digital files so that they can share them with friends & family AND get them printed wherever & whenever they want.

Hehe, but I also provide families access to my personal Print House so that they can order beautiful professional prints, wall art and albums for their home. This is an optional service and you are under no obligation to buy from me.  Families simply wait for their online gallery and order from the comfort of their home.



When We Have Each Other, We Have EVERYTHING


You’re wanting to fill your home with portraits from you session. Yah-who. Choosing your favourite images & deciding how best to display them is a great experience.

I offer professional, high quality, ready to go products that you can start enjoying immediately. You don’t have to lift a finger…I do all the framing, mounting, and the finishing touches.

Below are the products that my families LOVE.

Click the option and have a look and start thinking about how you want to display your portraits.  Individual wall art starts at $200.

Heirloom Photo Albums

pet photo albumWhen you’re interested in a Photo album, I photograph your pet playing, cuddling, scratching ears, that adorable head tilt, and much more. Thus, all the images from your photo session are lovingly crafted into a beautiful high quality photo album that truly tells the story of your pet.

Album pages are beautifully thick (oh la la) and images are professionally printed
on fine art, lustre archival paper, rated to 75 years. These albums are a show-stopper piece of art – that is all about your pet

Heirloom Albums are priced from $350+

Bamboo Folio Heirloom Boxes

Family Favourite!  This is a beautiful heirloom wooden bamboo box. It contains 10-20 matted 5×7 prints.  You can choose to frame these yourself, keep some in the keepsake box, and/or display them in the matching wooden photos stand.  You can also upgrade the box from Bamboo to Timber Wood and add hand-torm edges to your photos.

Folio Boxes start at $800

Framed Canvas Wall Art

horse gallery

Yes, you read it right. They are framed! I love the polished and finished look of a
framed canvas. And I want you to have them too. Framed canvases are versatile
and look great in every home. All canvases are laminated to reduce fading.

Canvas Wall Art is priced from $200

Framed Print Wall Art

dog portraitOkay, this is my favourite…and my clients’ favourite. Whether you’re looking for a modern or traditional feel, framed wall art easily achieves that. Simply by changing the colour or style of frame will complete the look you are going for. Personally, I think a simple white frame looks good anywhere, but I also offer black,grey, brown, and many more looks and styles.

Portraits are printed on fine art paper, mounted, laminated and presented behind
acrylic with a dust backing to seal the wall art. Instead of glass, I use acrylic as it’s light and won’t shatter. This is important in homes with active dogs, cats or even children as wall art can sometimes be knocked off the wall 😉

Framed Wall Art is priced from $200

Fine Art MOUNTED OR Matted Prints

If you’re looking for individual prints, I offer luxury professional print packages. All prints are mounted on styrene (or matted) for a professional look and laminated so they don’t fade.

Fine Art prints are sold individually.

Prices start from $65.

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