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A true gem!
I photograph dog breeds of all sizes, shapes and natures.  From small curious bundles of joy, to high energy agile dogs and even large angelic breeds that are as tall as a horse. I love them all!
Everyone please meet Jewel.  She is an albino Great Dane that is super sweet and is a gentile giant.  Like most albino Great Danes, she is deaf with limited vision.  Having an albino Great Dane in my studio was a tremendous experience – The BEST.  Especially since I am notorious for making interesting sounds and calls to grab my dogs attention. I would do this for a couple seconds before realizing that she cannot hear me.  I would giggle to myself each time I would do it and then realize she cannot hear me.  Oh she was a doll…a jewel!
Her photoshoot was indoors for a charity mini session that I held for local Animal Shelters. It was so adorable watching her get up on my chair to pose for the camera.  At one point she just looked at me, backed up, and plopped her Great Dane bum on the chair cushion.  This was priceless.
And then we posed her on the couch…my goodness when she stretched out, she was almost the same length.  These were my favourite images.  I loved her white colouring on my pink couch.
I hope to meet Jewel again and have an outdoor session.  That would be incredible.