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Pet Portraits That Your Friends Will Be Jealous Off 😉

Pet Portraits That Your Friends Will Be Jealous Off 😉

Pet Parents Like You & Me Call Our Pet Our Child & have lots of photos of them on our phones

And YOU have been thinking about having a pet session and decorating your home with prints, wall art or albums of your fur baby. BUT these are on your mind…

–> You want a great photo of your dog…

BUT you’re afraid your dog wont sit still or corporate

–> You’re worried because your dog can’t be off leash

and thus wont be able to get a good photo

–>  You may want to be in a few photos

BUT you’re not comfortable in front of the camera



I Can Create Heart Felt Portraits Of Your Dog

I know what you are feeling as I have a dog that is high energy and has fur as black as the midnight sky.  She is difficult for almost anyone to photograph well…except me 🙂

Thru my dog-lead approach, experience, and patience, I strive to create beautiful portraits of your pet by highlighting their personality, soul, and bond the have with you.  Dog moms will often purchase multiple big beautiful Wall art and an album to tell the tail of their dog!

A great dane dog in front of the window with his mom. Dog photography. Pet Photography. Owen Sound Dog photographer Grey Bruce Pet Photographer.

You have an Incredible bond with your pet and want to showcase it!

 Your dog is your biggest confidant and bff who puts a smile on your face with only a tilt of the head.

You are a dog mom, and a proud one!  The bond you have with your dog is stronger than any other relationship you have.

Having a photoshoot together is an incredible way to honour & celebrate your friendship and the  beautiful portraits your create together become the best keepsake gift!

If you are a dog mom that loves their dog more than anything and would love to get amazing photos of her, then you have come to the right place!

Filling Your Home With Memories

There are two best things about a photo session, the memories you create & the portraits that fill your home with happiness.

Types of Sessions

You choose if you want your session to focus solely on your pet or if you want to capture the bond you share with your dog..  Or you may have a senior or dog reaching end of life and are wanting a Legacy session to honour them.

Good Dog Session

During this session, your dog is the star of the show! We choose a location that is perfect for your dog’s personality and create a variety of portraits that includes both posed and natural candid poses.  Your dog will have the time of it’s life on this day and a belly full of treats.

Pup & Me Session

In this lifestyle session, we celebrate the special bond you share with your dog. This becomes a day you will alway remember and cherish.  We can either go to my studio, stay at home, or a favourite hiking trail that the both of you love.  During our time together, we will get photos of the two of you walking, playing and snuggling together.   

Legacy Session

These are special sessions full of emotion as your dogs are elderly or often sick. These are often called end-of-life sessions if the dog is in palitive care.  We celebrate your dog & preserve the legacy of who they are in heartfelt portraits.  The session goes at the pace of your dog so that we keep them as comfortable as possible. You also get priority booking in my calendar.


Once you know what session type you want, we choose a location! 

Picturesque Spot Outside / Owen Sound Studio / Comfort Of Your Home

If you don’t know where you want to have your session, don’t worry as I help you decide. Together we choose the best location for you and your pet.  

How A Pet Session Works

 1) Let’s Chat – we will schedule a connection call via zoom.  Or we can email if you’re not a fan of zoom 😉  During this time I learn about your pet, chat about what to expect & pricing & see if a working together is a good fit.  If you’re 100% in then we book you into my calendar & I send a few emails to get you prepared for your session.

2)  PhotoShoot – this is the fun part, your session.  Hehe, you are my assistant and help pose when needed. And if we are outside, your dog is on a leash the whole time, and I simple edit it (and you) out of the photos.  



3) The Photo Reveal – About 7 days later, we have a zoom Premier & Ordering Session where you get to see your proofs and order your bespoke custom wall art, albums, and prints.  I help you through the whole process and even give you a glimpse of what your beautiful wall art will look on YOUR wall.


4) Editing & Delivery – Editing can take 2-4 weeks to fully edit the images.  I then send the digital file to my professional print house for them to create the products you have ordered.  This can take up to 6 weeks, depending on what you ordered 😉 Then your beautiful wall art, albums, and prints are directly shipped to you.  This way you don’t have to wait a second longer to get them.

You also receive a digital file of all products you ordered. You will receive an online gallery the day the day everything goes to print 😉



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