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FAQs: You’ve Got Questions?  I’ve Got Answers 😉

How long are the sessions?

I don’t put a time limit on my sessions. BUT, typically a standard studio studio session is around 45 minutes to 1 hour and an outside (or home-based) session can run from 1 to 1.5 hours.  However, my mini sessions do have a max time limit on them.  Mini Highlight sessions 15-20  minutes.  These are taster sessions to introduce families to professional photographer and/or are great way to get a few beautiful photos.

How much is a session?

A great question.  At time of booking you pay a creative session fee or choose an all-inclusive package.  And then you purchase prints, wall art, albums and digital files at your Photo Premiere & Ordering session.

I am a full service photography business in which I help families fill their homes with your memories with photos from thier photo session.  I offer beautiful quality prints, wall art, albums and other products to all my families.  Families often invest $600+ in beautiful wall art and albums for their home.


What type of sessions do you do?

I have two loves when it comes to portrait photography, and thus I photograph both.

1) Pet & Equine Photographer.  I capture the unique personalities of your pet AND the bond you have with him/her. Our pets aren’t with us for as long as we hope so my mission is to create beautiful portraits of your pet so that the memories don’t fade and you have close to your heart.

2) Family Photographer – I love the connection a mother has with her children and the innocence her children have.  Thus, I love photographing the milestones mothers go thru.  I photograph maternity, newborn and family sessions. During maternity, newborn and family sessions, I document the feelings and beauty of the woman’s belly and the smallness/innocence of a newborn baby, and the connections and relationships within families.  Photos from your session fills your home with warmth, love and happiness.


What are digital files?  And what’s the difference between web-sized digital files and high resolution digital files?

A digital file/image is an electronic version of a physical print.  It allows you to store and see your photo on your computer, phone, iPad, etc.  It is NOT a physical print thought.  You can get different sizes of digital files; web-sized (low resolution) or printing (high resolution) digital files.

Web-sized digital files – these are perfect if you’re only wanting to share your photos on social media or keep them on your computer/phone. These CANNOT be printed as they are too small.  They look great on your computer/phone BUT if you try printing them they will not look good.  Most often, they will look ‘dotty’ or blurry.

High Resolution (printing) digital files – these are really big files.  They are perfect if you want to do your own printing; at anytime and anyplace.  You get full control of when and where you want to print your photos.  You do not have to print thru Candra Schank Photography.  Please do not take them to Walmart though.  More times than not, your photos will not look the same as what you see on your computer.  This is directly related to their printing system.  I recommend Foto Art in Owen Sound.  They have great customer service and great print products.

Do I get digital files with my session?

You start off by paying a creative session fee that covers pre-session prep, your fun portrait session, and your premiere and ordering session.  You then purchase a digital file packages and/or prints/wall art/albums after your session, when you see your proofs for the first time.  Happy News, every print, wall art, and album comes with matching digital file.


I am concerned about our wardrobe, what should we wear?


I want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own skin.  Thus I tell families to dress in cloths that feel good.  Hehe but try and stay in the same colour tones…you don’t have to be matchy-mathchy.  I also recommend avoiding bold & bright patterns & colours.  These tend to be very distracting.

Before your session I send you an email with lots of tips to help you plan your wardrobe.

In addition, I also have a small Maternity Closet for moms looking to wear fun flowy maternity dresses.  And my studio assistant is a stylist and offers each family a personal consultation and vision board to help envision colours and items.  This is an optional service. If you want this extra service, please let me know. Interested in learning more about my Maternity Closet, simply email me asking for more information.

My kids and dog won’t sit still.

Hehe, about 90% of kids run around for the session.  And that’s fine with me. I love to take candid photos of them  playing.

I also have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to get kids to sit still…and then I get my shot.

And for outside sessions, dogs are 90% on leash.  And I am gifted at removing leashes in photoshop.  And I have perfected the art of getting your pet to sit still long enough for me to get that awesome shot you love.


My dog can’t be off leash.

That’s a-okay!  Because most outside sessions your dog will be on leash. And then I edit out the leash from the photos you order.  Occasionally, if a dog is good off leash or we are at a dog park, we do running photos of your dog. But these only occur in safe places.

All studio pet sessions, dogs are off leash.  My studio is a safe place for them and they are very comfortable there.

How long does it take you to edit the images?

I know you’re excited to see your photos. Thus I work hard to get them to you quickly.

If you choose to view your images via an online gallery, your watermarked proofs are available 72 hours after your session (time can change depending on how busy Candra gets.  This  gallery is only active for 1 week.

If you decide to have an in-person viewing appointment, 1-2  weeks after your photo session you come to my studio to view your proofs and order products.

After you pick your favourites, it takes me about 2-3 weeks to edit your images and then send them away for print/production.  If you ordered wall art/albums/print boxes, it takes 4-10 weeks to receive your memories.


Do I get a USB?

I used to give USBs to my families. BUT, I found that sometimes the USB was corrupted or lost.  Thus, now All photos are delivered to you in an online gallery.  You then download them to your computer and/or phone. I recommend downloading them to multiple devices for safe keeping. You are also free to send your photo gallery to family and friends.  Hehehe, I bet they will be excited to see them too. If you would like a USB, they can be purchased for $30+


Do I have to buy prints & albums through you?

Often, families come to me for beautiful prints, wall art, and albums.  They get gorgeous keepsake  memorabilia  and they don’t have to lift a finger, however.

I completely understand that families want the digital files so that they can share them with friends & family AND get them printed wherever & whenever they want.  Thus, you can purchase a digital file package.  These digital files packages give you the full rights to print your images at anytime, at sizes up to 20×24, and at any quantity.

If you order a digital file package, you have the opportunity to order prints and other products thru your online gallery. This is an optional service and you are under no obligation to buy from me.  Families simply order prints either after their session OR wait for their online gallery and order from the comfort of their home.

How do I book?

To book a session, we first have a chat on the phone or meet at my studio.  At this time we get to know each other, you enlighten me on your photo vision and then I educate you on the experience and pricing.  After that I book you in for your session.  If you don’t know a date that works best for you, I simple send you an online booking calendar and you can easily book from the comfort of your own home.  A session fee is required to hold your session in my calendar 🙂



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