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CSP Studio

Rental Space For Photographers & Entreprenures. 

CSP Studio is a professional studio that is owned & operated by Candra Schank Photography. 

This studio is a room that contains lots of natural light, a few set designs, and the opportunity to be creative with your clients.  The set designs may change seasonally OR on individual bases.

Having an indoor space to photograph your families/clients is ideal as it adds diversity to your images, peace-of-mind when it comes to the weather, and an enjoyable experience.

The room is available to be rented to photographers and other entrepreneurs needing the space.  It’s also a great space to hold mini sessions. Additional lighting equipment and backdrop accessories are available.

Corner Loft Studio: Scroll To See Photos

The Question that is on your mind…How Much?

 I am a big fan of making things easy!

No hidden costs or unpleasant surprises. So, you just pay per hour of usage. 

The studio room is walk in ready, and you can move things around to suite your vision.  All that is asked is that you return the room to the original state afterwards.

And if you want to incorporate studio lighting and/or backdrops, you can rent them per use.

Rental Pricing & FAQs

CSP Studio Rental Fee 

Rental Fee is by the hour, with incentives added on when you rent the space for longer periods of time.  Rental fee is per studio.  Thus you choose to rent either the White Room OR the corner unit.  If you need both, there is an added fee. Please talk to Candra if you need both as both aren’t always available. If you need access to seamless backdrop paper there is an added fee. The corner unit has the backdrop paper on a pulley system.  The white room studio has the option of putting up a backdrop stand with seamless paper.

Below are our rental fees:

1 Hour Day Rental:  $95 + hst 

2 Hours Day Rental: $180 +hst 

3 Hours Day Rental: $265 + hst

2 – 3 Hours Night Rental (after 5pm): $350 +hst 

Up to 6 hours/Full day Rental: $500 +hst (for this booking, you need a special request. Email Candra for this)

**Rental Fee is due at time of booking and is non refundable.  If you need to cancel or reschedule the fee becomes a credit for the next time you book/reschedule.

Add-on to Room Rentals

You have the option of adding on additional items to your room rental. You get to use the items for the full time of your rental agreement.  Candra will be on-site if issues arise with the equipment. You set up the equipment and take it down within your rental time.

Use of seamless backdrop paper: $25 per colour of backdrop paper needed.  This fee helps cover the cost of the backdrop paper and time/travel to buy and pick it up from Toronto.

1 wireless Godox AD600 studio light, receiver, and small umbrella*: $25 + hst 

* There are two soft boxes available.  One medium rectangle, and one long narrow one. These can be substituted for the small umbrellas. I also have a 7 foot umbrella available.

    When We Have Each Other, We Have EVERYTHING

    You’ve Got Questions?  I’ve Got Answers 😉

    How long do I get to rent the room?

    Ah this is the best part, as long as you want. The room is rented by the hour or you can rent it by half or full day.  Now for night rentals, there is a slightly higher fee.  

    Will there be someone there to let me into the room?

    Candra will be on-site, in the studio beside you. She will be there to let you into the room.  And she will have all other equipment that you rented accessible.  If you need assistance, she is there.  She can also welcome your clients (if needed, but needs to be setup before hand).

    Do I need to bring lights?

    Great question.  The studio is full of natural light so if you’re a natural light shooter you will be in heaven.  If you use professional lights, you have the option of bringing your own or you can rent them. 

    Where is the studio?

    The studio is located near the core of Downtown Owen Sounds main shopping area.  The address is 1190 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound.  It is located in an old historic industrial building on the corner of 2nd Ave and 11th Street, the same building as Murrays Sharpening & Repair, and Austin Graphics.

    The studio is located on the 3rd floor.  You enter thru the entrance on 2nd Ave, where Murrays Sharpening is, and take the stairs to the top (3rd floor).  White Room Studio is thru those doors, turn right at the ‘T’, and is the 2nd door on your right.  Candra will be there to greet you.


    What if my clients come late?

    Ah yes this does happen.  I encourage you to communicate with your clients to arrive on time as you only have the space for a limited amount of time.  If you think you will need more than hour to have your session and clean up, I recommend booking the 2 hr package. 

    If you only book 1 hr, and you go over the time limit, there is a $50/30-minute late fee that will be invoiced.  This is set up to encourage people to stay within their rental time because there could be another photographer wanting the space after you.


    Can I book during the night?

    Ah yes you can, however. There is a night time fee. This covers the studio managers time to stay at the studio after hours. Also be aware of sunset times, thus the amount of natural light will be limited at night during late fall and winter months 😉

    Studio: 1190, 2nd Ave East
    Owen Sound, ON. N4K 2H9