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Man’s Best Friend! Woman’s Best Friend!  Your Best Friend!

When I met Michelle and Elias a couple years ago during an Agility training night at Capable Canines, I knew then that these two were special.  They worked in unison as they made their way through the agility course.  Elias followed Michelle’s directions and the two finished the course with flying colours.  I was in awe.

I never forgot them.

Two years later, I approached Michelle to see if Elias could be involved in my ‘Epic Dog’ personal project, she excitedly agreed.  We first had a photo shoot with just Elias and WOW the images turned out great (see past post).  Elias is an intelligent, proud, magnificent dog that is extremely well trained.  He has a wonderful personality that I got to know quite well.  But what really caught my attention was the relationship between Elias and his owner Michelle.  It was evident that they shared a very special bond that was stronger than no other.  The way each of them acted around each other, responded to others body language and speech, was simply breathe-taking to watch.

So after that initial photo shoot we scheduled another one.  This one would focus on the bond between Michelle and Elias.  I definitely wanted to capture their relationship on camera.

We had a fun photo shoot at Grey Sauble Conservation Authority.  I just let the two of them do their thing and VOILA! The images speak for themselves.

Best Friends Forever!