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Wedding Photography by Candra Schank Photography

Nicki and Scotts Country-Chic Wedding
Cowboy boots, suspenders, pink dresses, and a barn full of saddles and signs.  What does that make?  The best Country-Chic wedding I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.
Nicki and Scott held their wedding at the gorgeous Sure-bid Auction property in Hepworth, also known as Spring Creek Gavel Farm.  It was the perfect location because it was truly an outdoor venue.  The bridesmaids spent the morning in town getting their hair and makeup done and then finished getting ready in the old homestead house that is on the property. Energy and excitement filled each room.  And then the excitement reached a high when some of the bridesmaids realized that their dresses were a little see-through. Hehehe, but not to worry…everything was covered up in the end.
Before Nicki knew, time had flown by and she was going to be walking down the aisle in 30 minutes…and she hadn’t started getting into her wedding dress. Heheh, the hustle and bustle really began.  Nicki’s bridesmaids surrounded her, hands went up to put earrings on, necklace clipped, feet slipped into cowboy boots, dress tied up, garter belt slipped on and then the veil elegantly weaved into her hair.  It was a fun time indeed and Nicki looked gorgeous.  Then down the stairs everyone went…and within minutes Nicki’s father stepped into the house.  And that’s when I saw the first tear from Nicki…and her father.
The girls hurried and got into their pick-up trucks! Yep, the girls were driving their trucks down the aisle…okay down the path to the aisle. Such an amazing part of the wedding ceremony!  Plus, Nicki was driving Scotts big Ford pick-up truck that purred. And yes, Scott shed a couple tears of joy and love for his daughters and bride as they walked down the aisle. It was a beautiful ceremony!
The afternoon was allocated to photos and capturing shots of everyone there.  The wedding party was a riot to photograph too. Everyone was eager to have fun with the photos and pose for the camera.  Nicki and Scott loved the old driving shed and thus we used it as a back drop. But, they also wanted vegetation so we snuck away and did some in a near by area that had some amazing trees and long grass.
The night was a blur for everyone.  This is because they enjoyed a festive feast made by Kay’s Katering, great desserts, fabulous speeches, and a night full of dancing and storytelling. And lots of dancing!
Congratulations Nicki and Scott.  You and your adorable daughters are fabulous and I wish you lots of love and happiness in your marriage.

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