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Dance Photography

Fine Art Dance Portraits For Passionate Dancers

Dance Photography.

Owen Sound Dance Photography Studio

Here we create emotional dance portraiture that highlights every dancers personality and talent.

Dance portrait sessions are held in Candra’s Owen Sound Natural Light Studio. These sessions are created especially for people who want to create beautiful expressive fine art portraits.

Candra also has a selection of props and accessories that add to your portraits 😉

Dancers feel comfortable and at ease in the studio.  Here, your can let your hair down and not worry about the weather 😉

I offer 3 different digital file packages and each come with a selected amount of digital files.

Packages start at $600. Please contact me for a full price list.

The Question that is on your mind…How Much?

I am a big fan of being open and honest, and thus I don’t hide my prices and processes.  And I try to make this as easy as possible. This way you can plan and budget your unforgettable photo session.

My pricing provides you the opportunity to choose what you want. You can get wall art, albums, digital files or all of the above.

You start off by paying a creative fee that covers pre-session preparation, a custom tailored photo session and a professional 8×10 matted print.  After your studio session, you see your proofs, choose your images and order wall art, prints, albums, and digital files. Therefore you don’t have to wait that long to see your images.

Session package fee is due in full at time of booking.

I offer printing services so that you can decorate your home with beautiful professional prints, wall art & albums. You will have the opportunity to order via your online gallery.


When We Have Each Other, We Have EVERYTHING

Session Pricing, FAQs & Product Info

No matter what you choose (Family, Maternity, Lifestyle Newborn, Dance or Couple Sessions), the price is the same for all Studio Sessions (with the exception of Dance Sessions).

Customized Portrait Experience

$300 + hst creative fee (paid at time of booking)

Creative Fee Includes

  • No time limit photo session (who wants to put a time limit on memories) 
  • Sessions held at either my Owen Sound studio, picturesque spot outside, or your home  
  • Emails to help you prepare
  • Includes a matted 8×10 print
  • Photo reveal & ordering session held right after your session OR 1-2 weeks later for on-location sessions
  • Option to buy digital files & professional prints/albums 

Add hair and/or makeup for an additional cost.

You’ll receive my full pricing document after you reach out to me and we chat on on the phone.  I’ll also include a quick recap of what we discussed to that you have all the information.  My creative sessions start at $300 and collections begin at $695; however, most families spend an average of $2000 on their photography experience.   I offer payment plans to families who like that option too. 

Please note, additional digital files and products are not included in creative session fee. You pick and order portraits at your Premiere & Ordering session 2 weeks later.  Families typically spend $800+ on their photography experience. 




    You’ve Got Questions?  I’ve Got Answers 😉

    What are digital files (also called digital images)?  And what’s the difference between web-sized digital files and high resolution digital files?

    A digital file/image is an electronic version of a physical print.  It allows you to store and see your photo on your computer, phone, iPad, etc.  It is NOT a physical print thought.  You can get different sizes of digital files; web-sized (low resolution) or printing (high resolution) digital files.

    Web-sized digital files – these are perfect if you’re only wanting to share your photos on social media or keep them on your computer/phone. These CANNOT be printed as they are too small.  They look great on your computer/phone BUT if you try printing them they will not look good.  Most often, they will look ‘dotty’ or blurry.

    High Resolution (printing) digital files – these are really big files.  They are perfect if you want to do your own printing; at anytime and anyplace.  You get full control of when and where you want to print your photos.  You do not have to print thru Candra Schank Photography.  Please do not take them to Walmart though.  More times than not, your photos will not look the same as what you see on your computer.  This is directly related to their printing system.  I recommend Foto Art in Owen Sound.  They have great customer service and great print products.

    I am concerned about our wardrobe, what should we wear?


    I want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own skin.  Thus I tell dancers to dress in cloths that feel good and showcase an art-form that they want to be photographed in.  

    To help you prepare and plan your wardrobe, I send you an email with some hints and tips.  


    How long does it take you to edit the images?

    I know you’re excited to see your photos. Thus I work hard to get you your photos quickly. 

    2-3 weeks after your session we have a Premiere & Ordering session at my Owen Sound studio. Here you view and order digital files and products. 


    Do I get a USB with all my photos?

    I used to give USBs to my families. BUT, I found that sometimes the USB was corrupted or lost.  Thus, now All photos are delivered to you in an online gallery.  You then download them to your computer and/or phone. I recommend downloading them to multiple devices for safe keeping. You are also free to send your photo gallery to family and friends.  Hehehe, I bet they will be excited to see them too. If you would like a USB, they can be purchased for $30+


    Do I have to buy prints & albums through you?

    Nope! I completely understand that families want the digital files so that they can share them with friends & family AND get them printed wherever & whenever they want. I also sell digital files in packages or if you love all you prints, ask about my All Inclusive Digital File Package.

    If you invest in my All Inclusive Digital File Package, you get access to my personal Print House so that they can order beautiful professional prints, wall art and albums for their home. And it gets better, you get VIP pricing. This is an optional service and you are under no obligation to buy from me.  Families simply order prints either after their session OR wait for their online gallery and order from the comfort of their home.

    However, families come to me for the beautiful heart-warming prints, wall art, and albums that they get to fill their homes with.  Every digital files comes with a print and every print comes with a digital file.  So it’s a win-win 🙂



    Studio: 1190, 2nd Ave East
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