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10 -15 years ago pet photography wasn’t really a thing.  Okay, there were a few people whom specialized in Pet & Equine photography, but it wasn’t well known. 

Nowadays, it’s becoming more of a ‘thing’.  Our animals are apart of our family and play a very special part in our lives.  And for a lot of us, we don’t have children, but we have our fur babies.  Thus, including our pets in our life events and photo sessions (e.g. weddings, family portraits, personal branding) is becoming more and more common.

In addition, pet sessions let your pet take the limelight and we create a fun pet photo session all around them.

And it’s more than a photo.  You are creating special memories, strengthening connections and relationships with your dog, cat, and horse.  And the end result is beautiful portraits that are present on canvases, framed prints, in albums that are filled with emotional.  It’s an experience that stays with you forever.

A woman with her Arabian Horse in the paddock in Markdale. Owen Sound Equine photographer horse photographer equine photography

Here are some reasons to have a Pet & Equine Photo Session

  1. Document today – just like us, our pets grow up so fast.  Thus having a photo session today, records and captures your pet’s personality, demeanour and appearance as a baby, or teenager, or adult.
  2. You can be in the photos – all to often you have lots of pictures of your pet on your phone or camera. BUT you aren’t in any of the photos.  And you have a very special bond with your fur baby. So why not invest in a Pet & Equine Photography session and create beautiful portraits of the bond and relationship you share.
  3. Strengthen the bond – photo sessions aren’t just sessions where you stare blankly at the camera.  They are a way to strengthen bonds, reconnect, and create amazing memories together.  Plus these memories live on through beautiful Art Work that decorates your home.
  4. Capture action – It can be challenging to photograph a very fast and active animal.  They never stay still long enough for you to snap a photo.  Well, through gained experience, skills, and equipment, I can create beautiful photos of your active and energized pet.
  5. Black furry friends – if you have a black dog or cat, you might have trouble photographing them.  Your photos look like black blobs. I take away all stress and anxiety when photographing black animals.  Ultimately, creating portraits that are full of detail and emotion.
  6. Senior or Ill pets – Our pets come into our lives and bring us so much love and joy.  But their time with us can be short. Thus having a pet session today celebrates their legacy and memory.
  7. Quality images – when you invest in a professional photographer, you are comforted knowing that the images will come out beautiful and filled with emotion.
  8. Quality products – You want to showoff your portraits by decorating your home with beautiful and meaningful portraits.  All of my products (e.g. canvases, framed prints, Image boxes, albums, etc) are made of quality, top of the line materials, craftsmanship, and archival paints/inks/pigments.  This insures that your Art Work is truly a heirloom keepsake piece that is admired for generations.
  9. Backup – To ease your mind, I keep a digital image of each portrait or digital file you purchase. This way if you ever loose or damage your products, I have a backup copy.
  10.  Guarantee – I give a Life Time Guarantee on all products that are purchased.  This includes all wall portraits, prints, albums and digital files. Thus if your wall art or album becomes damaged I replace it at no cost to you.

These are only 10 reasons why a Pet & Equine Photography session is ideal.  The main thing is that you are creating beautiful memories of your dog, cat, or horse that are treasured for many years to come.

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