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Best 5 Spots For Pet & People Photo Sessions In Owen Sound

I moved back to Owen Sound about 9 years ago.  I wanted to be closer to my family & friends AND I love the scenery that exists here.  We are fortunate to have myriad lakes, rivers, ponds, and truly amazing forests, hillsides and vistas. 

Yes, we live in a beautiful countryside.

I would say that 50% of my sessions occur in the studio.  I love the studio for it’s professional feeling, lack of wind, rain or snow, no distractions, and I can control the light and look of the portrait session. Studio sessions give a lovely polished fine art look.

Then, the other 50% of my sessions are held outside at local Parks, hiking trails, country side or the occasional session at a families home.  Outside sessions are a great option as they give an authentic look, are a little more colourful, and are a natural fit for a dog…or outdoorsy family. 

This blog post will enlighten you on my favourite On-location sessions. For more information on studio sessions please read my blog on Studio Sessions.


Families I work with LOVE to be outside with their family and furbabies. They tell me stories about their first date at a local park, their favourite family camping spot, or spending hot days at the beach.  When I see them light up when they talk about being outside, I know that an outside session is going to be the best session for them.

LOL…now Mother Nature loves to keep us on our toes when it comes to predicting the weather. Thus we are always hoping that it won’t rain, snow or have high winds.  When these happen, I’ll reschedule a session. 

One of the biggest impacts of a photo is…


So, you might be wondering, where are the best outside session spots for Pet & People photos. 

Here are my top 5 locations in and around Owen Sound.  Mind you, even though these are my great spots for photos, you still have to take into account what the weather will be like the day, light conditions, and events going on.  These parameters can ultimately affect the outcome of your photos

  1. Harrison Park, Public Park in Owen Sound, Ontario: This is a public location that is full of fun things to do in the photos.  For family sessions all around us are beautiful backdrops of trees, water, bridges and walking paths.  Or we can turn the session into an event and play mini golf, hike the trails, feed the ducks, or have a picnic.  And if we are photographing your dog, you can get great pictures of your dog playing in the river, watching the ducks with excitement, or hiking the trails with their owner. The park is full of vibrant colours from June to October, giving great natural backdrops. 
  • Grey Sauble Conservation Authority:  This is probably one of my favourite spots.  I just love the willow trees, maple trees and fruit trees that are scattered around the property.  These trees give great shade options and background interest.  In addition to the big beautiful trees, there is a fantastic open area that has tall grass, short shrubs and trees.  The grass and short shrubs gives lots of diversity to your photos.  And if you want a totally different look, you take a 5 minute walk down the path into the woods.  Here you have a beautiful forested area and a metal bridge that goes over a river.  I love the flat rock bed that is under the bridge.  Just be careful of high fast moving water, and the occasional poison ivy patch.
  • Moreland Place, just outside of Owen Sound: This is probably a family favourite as it’s often asked for.  And if you have never heard of it, you must go for a visit.  A man named Barry owns the Moreland Place. He opens it up to the public and accepts donations and even sells a fantastic historic book.  His place is full of ornate stone carvings, hedges, greenhouses covered in vines, a vintage mansion and yes a hedge maze J  This location is full of so many photo possibilities.
  • Kelso Beach, public family beach in Owen Sound:  So I have to admit, I kind of forgot about Kelso Beach for a few years.  Instead, I would take my families to Sauble Beach or Southampton.  BUT Kelso Beach has won a place in my heart after a photo session with Dancemakers.  I love the curvature of the water-sand line, the scenery across the bay, and the rocks in the water near the marina.  When I take families here, we loose track of time going from one location to another…and all within a short walking distance from each other.
  • Sauble Beach, 2nd longest freshwater beach in the world: Sauble Beach is a great spot as it brings out authentic and real expressions, kids bury their feet in the sand, run barefoot in the water, and then everyone sits together and watch a beautiful sunset.  If you love the beach this is a must location!  Just imaging your children writing I love you in the sand, making sand angles and chasing the family dog into the waves.  You will cherish these photos forever.

So these are my five favourite locations. But guess what? I have lots of other locations to. Some include waterfalls and others include old barns.  The options are endless. I work with you to find the best locations for your Pet or People photos session.  I even scout around to make sure the locations are the best.  I work with you to create the best and most amazing session ever.

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