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Hi, I am an Owen Sound & Grey Bruce Wedding Photographer. Specializing in intimate weddings and having your bff pet at your wedding. And I’d love to pass on some wedding day knowledge to engaged couples. 

Planning your dream wedding is both fun and maybe, just maybe, a little over-whelming.  You become a bride, an event planner and an accountant on the same day.
Being a wedding photographer, I not only photograph amazing weddings, I also help your day run smoothly and stress free by being with you the same day, recommending great vendors and DIY options that are perfect for your wedding day.
And over they years, I have been educated on the cost associated to planning a wedding, at ever budget. And one thing is for sure, things add up fast and things cost more than one may think. And there’s always going to be unforeseen costs that you didn’t plan for. Sorry to alarm you. But, if you start saving, planning, and working with professionals, your day will be magical…and worry free.
So, let me help you see into the future. Here are 5 things to think about and plan for.
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1) Your engagement ring may need to be resized
Sometimes, it just doesn’t fit right and you may need to have it resized.  And depending on how drastic the resizing is, the cost may be a little hefty.
Wedding Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Owen Sound Wedding Photographer. Grey Bruce Wedding Photographer.
2) Wedding Dress Alterations
This is one thing that generally isn’t included in the purchase of your wedding dress. And can be expensive if you need to alter your dress (a lot).  Plan to spend a minimum of $500 on wedding dress alterations.
This was an eye opener when I was wedding dress shopping with my sister. She found the perfect dress and she looked absolutely stunning in it; the price was in her budget too! And then, I casually ask about alterations, & that is when we learnt it was separate fee and started at $500. Now, this may not be the case at every bridal house, but just incase, have a dress alteration budget.
3) Getting your dress dry-cleaned
This may not be on your mind (at all), but it should be considered.  Especially, if you had an outside wedding, held your portrait session outside, or even enjoyed an amazing ‘trash the dress’ photoshoot…your dress WILL get dirty. Remember, it’s going to be stored away for a long time and you don’t want a dirty dress hanging in your closest.  And if you’re like a lot of my brides, you may want to wear it here and there (whilst cleaning the house….heheh, after all, when you put it back on, your are taken back in time), or have your daughter wear it.

Fun side note: I had a fabulous portrait session with a 1 year old and we had her in the moms wedding dress. It was super adorable.

Some brides will resell or donate their dresses to charity, thus a clean dress is imperative. So think about adding a dry clean expense to your budget.
4) Wedding party gifts and Guest Gifts
It is a common practice to give gifts to your wedding party and guests. These gifts represent ‘thank you’ for helping with the wedding and being apart of your big day. Depending on how many bridesmaids and groomsmen (and guests) you have, and the gift, this could add up.
Sometimes brides will do cute little DYI’s or find a sentimental idea on Pinterest for guest gifts.  One of my favourite gifts I ever received was a cute little pine tree.  We loved this and planted the little tree the very next day.  It was a true reflection of the bride and groom.  I honestly think they planted and grew them from seeds too.  Cool eh!
Wedding Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Wedding Photography by Candra Schank Photography. Owen Sound Wedding Photographer. Grey Bruce Wedding Photographer.5) Invitations and STAMPS (This is a biggy)
Over the years you may have received a wedding invitation or two.  And now you’re sending them out and have realized that the cost associated with invitations can add up..and fast.
Lately, some bride and grooms like to send out both ‘Safe the Date’ AND actual ‘Wedding Invitations’.  Which in tern equals two different mail-outs. In addition, it’s trendy to have your Save the Date card feature a portrait of you two. And, may. Or may not incur a photoshoot cost.  If you’re planning on having Save the Date (or even an engagement session), talk to your photographer and see if you can add this to your wedding package to get the best bargain.
Next, plan to spend between $1.00 and $3.50 (or higher) per invite for printing cost.  This usually includes envelopes for each mail-out.  Then incorporate the cost of stamps for your mail-outs AND RSVPS.
So depending on your guest list, whether you have 50 people coming or 150, invitations could be a larger expense than you ever thought.  BUT a very important and intimate part!
Ah, one more reason why I just adore small intimate weddings 😉
These are just 6 of many unexpected ways your budget might increase. Work with professionals, have DYI parties, and plan the wedding of your dreams on budget.