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Wardrobe tips for your Pet Photography / Equine Photography / Family Photography Session.

Yay, you’re excited for your upcoming photo session.  Eeek!  And I bet you are now asking yourself ‘What Do I Wear?’ I know this is on your mind as it was on my mind too when I was having my photos taken with Sally Pants.

Hehe, this is my most asked question.  And yes, it’s very important to the session.  A well thought-out and executed wardrobe can take your portraits from drab to OMG GORGEOUS. 

Photo Shoot Wardobe Examples

Imagine these two outfits on yourself:

  1. A comfy and bulky hoody with yoga paints…OR
  2. Skinny jeans paired with a nice light top, high boots with a little heal, and an accessory jacket that can either be worn or used as a prop

Now each outfit has a time and place.  Outfit #1 gets two thumbs up when you’re at home having a movie night. And outfit #2 gets 5 stars when you wear it to your fun and fabulous photo session.

If you’re having a pet session, you may think it’s just for your pet. But let me assure you, I will be taking at least one…or a few…images of you and your fur baby.  So, please consisder what you’re wearing as you will love me after the session when you see your photos and are like OMG I look good with Poochy!’

And if you’re having a family session or an Equine Photography session with me, this blog post is going to be one of your go to resources 😉

So, I thought that I would share my top 5 wardrobe tips.

What To Wear Tip #1: Dress with full length in mind

When you’re putting together your outfit, plan what you’re going to wear from head to toe (knees and toes, knees and toes). This is important because through-out your session, a variety of photos will be taken (e.g. close-ups, full body).  Including portraits of you standing with your horse, sitting with your dog, and images of you leaning or sitting on various props. I love posing people leaning on fence posts, trees, sitting on rocks, and so on.  Thus, at one time or another, your full body will be in the shot.

In addition, if you’re wearing a sundress, make sure the length is long enough so that you can comfortably sit down or lean against your horse.  Hehe we want you to look your best and not feel uncomfortable later on when you see your portraits 😉

What To Wear Tip #2: Colour choice

At both studio and on-location sessions, I often recommend wearing solid earthy toned colours or soft light colours.  These colours are generally less distracting in portraits and allow your expressions and smiles to shine thru.

For example, I recommend soft pinks, blues and yellows in the Spring & Summer seasons and earthy browns, oranges, and blues in the Fall season.  These colours compliment the colours of the season and make for a nice uniform portrait.

What To Wear Tip #3: Layers

Layering your outfit through the addition of lite jackets, scarfs, and hats can add interest to your portrait.  By doing this, you’re introducing texture and additional colours into the portrait.

Plus, it allows you to achieve different looks throughout your portrait session (without having to have a complete wardrobe change).  You can add or subtract layers to give you a different look.  Or if you’re like me…layers keep me warm 😉

Pairing a nice Jean Jacket and hat to a sundress can look incredible. 

What To Wear Tip #4: Patterns

Generally I suggest keeping to solid colours, however. I like to break my own rule and ask that you introduce a pattern into the mix.  BUT we have to be careful here.  Patterns can be busy and distracting.  And various patterns look different on body shapes and sizes.

Try to avoid little patterns, as they can be very busy in a portrait.  Often larger patterns with lots of solid space around the pattern look nice.  For instance, a beautiful sundress or maxi dress that is mostly of a solid colour but has some nice large flowers printed throughout it can be very flattering.

But remember to wear patterns that compliment your body shape.

What To Wear Tip #5: Colour Palettes

Instead of dressing everyone in the same colour, consider adding a second colour to the mix.  This tip is especially great for families with 4 or 5 people.  Having two complimentary colours can add interest and eliminate a ‘matchy-matchy’ look.  Choose two colours that are in the same colour range/tone.  This insures that they will go together.  Or choose contrasting colours to add interest.

Colours that go together are:

  • Blue and yellow
  • Grey and yellow
  • Pale blue and bale pink
  • Grey and blue

Often I suggest putting dad and son in the same colour palette and mom and daughter in another colour.  And to add more interest (without becoming distracting), try introducing a pattern into the mix.  For example, put one of the children in plaid.  Just be careful as sometimes this can be over the top.


I hope these 5 Tips are helpful and gives you a great starting point. In addition, when your book a session, I send out an email with more Wardrobe Tips  & Hints.

Before signing off, if you have any questions about what to wear or want to inquire about a session with Candra Schank Photography, please feel free to reach out to me.