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Hehehe, I was scrolling through some old blog posts and came across this fun Maternity Session.  I was flooded with nostalgic memories and know that the family will too when they re-read this. And, I wanted to share it with all of you too. Here it is.

First child, second child, and then a loop-eared rabbit…then baby number three!

Proud mom and dad (Carley and Nathan) welcomed their baby boy, Elliott into the world on June 20th, 7:54pm, 2018.  And boy-oh-boy, he is a cutie.  Quiet and innocent!

Two months before Elliott’s birth, I had photographed their memorable family maternity session and watched the family express happiness and excitement toward the baby growing in mommy’s stomach.

This love and excitement was even stronger than ever when I got to meet baby Elliott.

His big sister and brother, Molly and Simon, wanted to hold and snuggle with him right away.  And I believe I heard his big sister whisper sweet sayings into his ear when no one was looking.

I asked Carley how things were since his birth and why she wanted to have these family photoshoots.  She simply replied with a smile,

‘We look forward to every day and all the new and exciting changes that happen as the children grow. There are always a million things that we look forward to as they grow and a million more that we miss as we look back and remember them as babies and toddlers.
‘You know you are going to forget just how precious and small they were those first few days so we photograph it. It’s an attempt at grasping the memories of their tiny toes and amazing little grunts and squeaks and the feeling of holding that new born baby for the first time. It’s a love that hurts your heart…but in a good way.’

I always love to learn how siblings react to a new brother and sister. So I asked Carley, and she enlightened me on how excited Molly and Simon where to meet their new baby brother/sister.

Molly wanted to make a cake for his birthday and Simon wanted to name him pancake. And even after Elliot was born, Molly called Elliot “she” or “her” for the first two weeks he was alive. She told me ” mommy, I still really love him even though he’s a boy.

Kids are so cute! Watching this family during their newborn session brought tears of joy to my eyes.
It was a pleasure to meet baby Elliot and capture this precious time in everyone’s lives.  These memories will be treasured and talked about for years to come.

I can picture baby Elliot growing up and seeing these photos and saying ‘boy, I was a cute baby’