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Country-side Engagement Session
Danyelle and Dustin
Danyelle and Dustin are the cutest couple.  She loves details and he loves Star Wars!  She smiles and giggles when he makes a joke and his eyes light up when she enters the room.  These two are currently living in Thunder Bay, but will be making the move back to Ontario in the new Year.  Through the help of family and friends they are planning the perfect wedding in the country..
Side note: Whenever people spoke about Thunder Bay, they painted a picture of a very cold and isolated spot.  But this is not the case.  Through Danyelle and Dustin’s eyes, they quickly and beautifully painted a much nicer picture. They excitedly showed me images of Thunder Bay on their phones. And I have to say, I got to experience the true beauty and awe of Thunder Bay (especially in the Summer months). I now want to go there.
Heheh, even though it would have been beautiful, we didn’t have their engagement session in Thunder Bay.  The stars aligned and we were able to have their engagement session when they returned to Owen Sound for their Christmas break at Danyelle’s parents home. This was the perfect spot.
Dec 17th..two days before Danyelle and Dustin’s Winter Engagement session: There’s a fresh layer of fluffy snow on the ground and my thermometer reads -15 degrees celsius. Brrrrrrrr! But that’s not cold for Danyelle and Dustin as they have just traveled to Owen Sound from Thunder Bay.  Dec 19th: the day of their engagement session: the sun brightly shines overhead and creates some fun slush and some much appreciated warmer weather at -6 degrees celsius.  Perfect weather for these two. They were full of giddy, enthusiasm and love…for each other…and their wedding day.
We had a wonderful afternoon together. Danyelle brought some fabulous engagement photo ideas to the session, which included the use of Christmas lights, hot chocolate mugs and a fun sign. And my oh my, they had a blast incorporating these into their engagement session.  Both Danyelle and Dustin smiled and giggled to each other during the session. I do believe they forgot I was there at times. They truly have a fabulous bond and relationship.
Danyelle and Dustin, it was an honour to have photographed your engagement session and I am super-duper excited for your wedding this summer.