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Engagement Shoot at Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary

Tina & Pete

When you see two people walking down the street, hand-in-hand, sneaking little glances at each other, you just know that they are going to be growing old with each other. And yes, still holding hands whenever they get a chance.
Tina and Pete is this couple! They are so sweet together. In the morning they will text each other to say ‘I Love You’, pass the night away talking and laughing together, plan a weekend away exploring and experiencing hidden waterfalls together with their two dogs, Tank and Nacho.
Their story begins on their 1st date, a day that will never be forgotten.  LOL, I know we all say that, but this was a very special day. It’s the day they first meet their dog Nacho, a 13 year old Min-Pin (Miniature Pincher) from Dog tales Rescue and sanctuary.  You see, Tina has a wonderful chihuahua named Tank, whom is her best bud.  And she heard about this Min Pin that was rescued from Miami with his ‘brother’ the chihuahua. And these two were inseparable.  But then the chihuahua was not well and passed away from cancer shortly after arriving to Dogtales.  Tina’s heart sank when she heard this story.  Then she had an idea…why not go and see Nacho.  After all, she had a chihuahua that could be Nacho’s best friend.
So Tina and Pete ended up having their 1st date at Dogtales, where they got to meet the wonderful and charming Nacho.  And they fell in love with the little guy.  A few weeks later, they adopted and picked up Nacho and brought him home.  So, Tina and Petes story began with an adoption. And the four of them (Tina, Pete, Tank and Nacho) are a happy family.
And better yet, Pete proposed to Tina at Dogtales, the very location where they had their first date and adopted Nacho.
Their Dogtales story doesn’t stop there. Why not have their engagement photoshoot there too! I was honoured that they asked me to be their photographer. After talking to Tina and Pete we decided we were going to have two different ‘looks’. They wanted ‘classic’ photos done outside and then they wanted to go all out and have a fun and fabulous formal shoot inside the pavilion, where they spent hours talking together on their 1st date.  OH MY GOSH! I loved this idea.  They brought their dogs to their engagement session and we had a blast.  LOL, now it was raining on and off that day so we had to dash under trees and in buildings a few times. But no fret, they rocked their session.
A note from Tina and Pete:

“Following every engagement comes the classic engagement photos. Candra  truly captured our LOVE in these photos! She was thrilled that we included our pups in the shoot and did whatever it took to make sure all 4 of us looked fantastic in every snap. Thank you Candra!” 

Here are the photos from their outdoor classical session.  They are such an amazing family!
Tina and Pete, you two are great together.  Both of you light up when the other walks into the room.