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There’s a special and very intimate bond that exists between you and your horse.

You feel it when you’re brushing her, when you’re in the ring jumping over hurdles or galloping towards barrels.  You feel the strength of this bond when you’re not with her. It fills your heart with happiness.

The bond you have with your horse is something that brings you to tears.

And you know what…people around you see it too.

This young lady has this bond with her horse Tommy.  So it was an honour to be their equine photographer and be apart of these memories that they created together.

Anna and Tommy’s equine photography session was held at the incredible and beautiful Hollow Hills Equestrian Centre in Hepworth.  The stable is large and full of energy from horses and their riders.  When I entered the stable for the first time, I felt the incredible vide that the stable has.  And, oh my goodness, Hollow Hills Equestrian Centre is breathe-taking.  The outside paddocks are large.  There’s a big beautiful pond in the back. Heheh, and I bet there are lots of frogs inhabiting that pond and sing every night in the spring (music to my ears).  And it gets better.  Just out back there is a bush with a walking trail through it leading to a big field.  Oh my goodness, as we walked through the bush the light peering through was stunning.

Anna and Tommy’s photo shoot started with us photographing Tommy so that I can create a portrait of him with a black background.  Spoiler alert…it turned out fantastic.  I’d love to return and photograph Tommy so that we have an angelic white-light background.  That would be beautiful too.

Next, we walked back to the bush for some photos of Anna and Tommy.

It was an incredible experience watching them. Tommy would nudge Anna and then Anna would smile and move closer to him, gentle laying her hands on his nose and hugging him.

During their equine photo session, I guided them into poses that highlighted their relationship. But you know what?  Most of the photos ‘just happened’.  When these two are around each other, it’s like the world stood still and it was just the two of them.  

These two have been best friends for the past three years.  Miss Anna, spends hours at the barn, brushing, bathing and taking care of Tommy.  She loves jumping on his back and becoming one as they ride in the ring.  Anna is a Jumper and loves the feeling of fly over the jumps together.  

Side note – this is when Anna’s mom holds her breathe 😉  

As Anna and Tommy fly over the jumps they are in sink.  They are both aware of the other and focused on what’s ahead.  In a couple months I will be photographing these two as they jump together at Shoreline Schooling Series.

Here are a few photos of these two during their horse photoshoot.