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Woof! A.k.a. Hi, how was your day?

Woof woof! A.k.a. do you want to go for a walk?

Woof woof woof! A.k.a you’re my best friend!

Pets are truly amazing, our forever companions, best friends, and FAMILY.

Whenever I am about to have a pet photoshoot, I always wait (excitedly) to hear about the amazing stories and the relationships they have their human parents. And then I eagerly transfer those stories and emotions into their pet portraits.

I have heard about how a family dog follows the children to the bus stop every morning and then is back there every day at 3:30pm waiting for them to get off the bus.
I’ve heard of pets being by the side of their owner everyday while they were sick and getting better. Never leaving their side.

Other stories of how a person’s life changed for the better when they got their family pet. They went from feeling sad and lonely to being happy and loving life.
These are only a few ‘highlighted stories’ and I wish I could share every story (in detail) I have ever been told. LOL I just don’t have enough space 😉

What I can do is share some images from my Pet & Parent Friendship event.  I photographed various pets and their parents to document their relationships.  And I was overjoyed with the warm comments and stories I received.  Lots of people contacted me with amazing stories of their family pet and how they are an important part of their lives.  And then when we had their photoshoot, it was truly evident that there was a loving bond and their relationship was strong and ever lasting – which was then conveyed in their pet portraits.
I have photographed lots of dogs that were rescued and became a proud family member. Dogs that were being trained as a service dogs, new puppies that were just brought home to the family, to aging dogs that have been with families since they were puppies.

So many happy memories were created and shared.

I’d be so honoured to hear about your pet story and capture it in a portrait.