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Being a Pet Photographer allows me to meet great people and their families with the same values as I have: family, animals, dogs, horses, the outdoors, and photos.  And we all love and cherish the bond we have with our animals and it brings us joy and happiness.

Pet Photography Session For The Whole Family

Candice and her family are people who value these same things.  So it was a joy for me to photograph all of them at Candice’s mom’s home and stable in Markdale, Ontario.  This was a pet photography session where everyone came out, including the kids, dogs, and Arabian horses.  And boy oh boy it was a windy Fall day.  People’s hair, dogs fur, and horses manes were blowing all over the place. But the fall colours and the horses in the distance made for some epic portraits.

Every family has their own story.  The story of who they are, what they love to do and whom they love to be with.  These are the stories that I love to reveal and document during a family pet photography session; focusing on the interactions and bond that exists.

Family Pet Photography that captures special moments

During Candice’s family pet photography session, we captured lots of family photos, candid photo of the children playing, portraits of the family dogs and Arabian horses. Candice’s little boys were full of smiles and a little frown…that ultimately turned into a smile…and then a belly shaking laugh.

I even captured the two dogs, a senior black lab and young miniature sheltie running around playing together. Everyone was out having a great time. Oh and did i mention it was Thanksgiving. So while everyone was outside smiling for the camera, a Turkey Dinner was cooking in the farm house. Yummy.

Here is a collection of images form their Family Pet Portrait session.