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Family means so much to me. Growing up I was the middle child. Well, kind of.  I have an older brother and a sister who is two years younger than me, and a brother who is the baby of the family. Hehe and we had a family dog, Candy, who was my side-kick. I loved spending time with my siblings and yes, my parents. We would all go camping, played baseball and soccer together. And every night at the dinner table, we told each other about our day.

My sister and I are BFFs and I look up to my big brother and am a roll model to my younger brother (hehe well I think I am). And my parents are extremely important to me, I love going over for dinner and catching up, having a drink, and fishing the derby with them.

Thus, it doesn’t surprise me that I became a family and pet photographer.

So when I got a call from Piper and she told me about her family I was extremely excited to photograph them. You see, they sounded very close too. We booked an extended family session for two months later.  And guess what?  Everybody loves animals (just like me) so their horses and dogs….8+ dogs to be more exact….were going to be in the family session too.  After all, they are all apart of the family.

We had booked their family and pet photo session for a Saturday night in July.  Oh la la, the light is beautiful a few hours before sunset.  However the day of their photo session was overcast and the weatherman was saying it was to rain. BUT no rain was coming; just a blanket of grey clouds. So I drove over and met everyone and every animal. We started the photo session with giggles and laughs and then the dark clouds rolled in and the rain came. We rain inside and looked at the forecast…and then looked outside. The rain would stop right?  We chatted and laughed over stories as the rain continued.  Occasionally we said ‘oh I think it’s stopping’…and then it would rain harder. LOL.  

When a family books an extended family session, I always have a back up plan. Sunday, the next day, was all open for them.  So we rescheduled for 9am.

I arrived the next day and everyone was super excited because the sky was blue and Mother Nature had called off the rain.  Everything was so luscious. We spent the next few hours photographing big group shots, smaller group shots, individual portraits…and we involved the family chickens, miniature ponies, big horses, and the dogs.  The time flew by.  

So I bet you’re excited to see some of the photos from their photo session.